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rap,hip hop,dirty south,club,deep,east,west,mid west,freestyle,battle,beats
1st day out
Comming stright out of west palm beach florida is one of the youngest up and comming rappers trying to make it in the game.Even tho mouse might be classified as a street rapper he is anything but an average rapper.only been writting rhymes for 2 years and working on an album.Produced by his mentor/friend sir j www.sir-j.com even tho Mouse is only 16 years old his skills in song writting are far pass the level he would be expected to be.had performing at sunfest with the group BLACKTOP was his first big performance.He is looking to make it and break it by the time hes done with the game.Its his first day out.
Band/artist history
just been doin what iam doin from the end of 9th grade wit this cat brian who i guess just lost connection wit till now.doin my thing wit BLACKTOP FAM. n shit all of us do it cuz we love it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yea, i performed at sunfest with BLACKTOP the same day as nelly did n it was my 1st performance.lookin to do alot more when sum1 gives me the chance.yea i like the rush i get from the crowd.especialy if they feelin me,it makes a connection between the both of us.
Your musical influences
ikno everyone says it but its the dead ass truth.Pac was a great influance,but i dont sound like him.biggie,the game,g-unit,bun b,ugk,3 6 mafia,eazy e,DR.DRE!!!!my favoret producer.eminem was also a huge factor in me startin it.ice cube,snoop dogg,diddy,puffy,puff daddy.p.diddy(whichever one he thinks he will stick wit)lol DIP SET!!!jim jones,camron,santana,COREY GUNZ,and thats about it i think...
What equipment do you use?
i got a korg d1600 n mxl mic,sir-j uses a motif 4 the beats