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Princess Of Controversy
Princess Of Controversy
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Princess of Controversy Biography Soulful! Powerful! Engaging! Sexy! Conscious! True hip-hop. All of this and more make up the dynamic artivist, the Princess of Controversy. From down-home country snagging hooks (soultry as she calls it) to hit-em-hard in the dome lyrics, this femcee sensation is capturing the hearts and minds of many. Her debut EP album release, Personal Messenger, hit the ground running in 2004 and took by storm the attention of the Metropolitan area. Her hit single, Serenity, combined the funky Chop-E Chop-E sound with Controversys fiery lyrical flare. Princess likens herself to the style of Lauryn Hill mixed with a splash of Queen Latifah and the boldness of Betty Wright. That powerhouse combination is a sure win on the music scene of today/ POC is a refreshing new wave to the next level of hip-hop. Although known to the world as Princess of Controversy, outside the stage she is simply Melissa Princess Best or Missy (what her momma calls her). This native-born Washingtonian mixed with North Cackalacki roots has been gracing stages since the tender age of five. While on the road to becoming a world-famous actress, Best discovered her love for music and reaching people was even greater than she had imagined. So she took the passion from her poetry and theater skills up a notch and emerged onto the music scene. Her subject matter can range anywhere from being hypnotized (Hypnotic, duet with I.Q. from tha Remainz) to City Eyes, a close-up look at how living in the city all your life gives you a certain mentality. However, Princess talent doesnt stop with her music. She self-proclaims herself an ARTIVIST. She defines that as a multi-faceted artist that works for the people. When Princess isnt on stage flowing, she is at schools teaching youth about music, theater and social justice issues. Also, you can catch Princess coordinating PIC (Prison Industrial Complex) workshops and performances with her family, Blackout Arts Collective (www.blackoutartscollective.com), or just politicking on the street corners with elders and young ones about life. POC says its in these places that she gets her inspiration for a lot of her writing. The artivist has a deep passion for making conscious hip-hop that people will respect, listen and party to. Thats a really hard task that often times seems almost impossible to do, says Best. The problem that artivists like myself face, is that in the mist of trying to bring positive vibes from music, people (as well as ourselves) often forget those same messengers are "hue-man" and prone to the same trials as everyone else.
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