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Mark Twain's One Man Show
Mark Twain's One Man Show
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The malicious combination of Swing and Disco pumping from the speakers of your new robot overlord.
At first, you think you're hearing Orc horns, but no! It's Mark Twain's one man show marching towards the modern civilizations, rocking them so hard they never recover. At some point, we'll combine Swing and Disco. We really should get around to that.
Band/artist history
Back in 2004, some moronic kids picked up office supplies and started banging out music. At the time, it was chaos. We had some rhythm, but people were joining in the middle of songs, leaving in the middle of songs, and doing all sorts of crazy things. None of us played an instrument, but we did not care. Little has changed since that time. Taking the name straight from an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Mark Twain's One Man Show now aims to combine two distinct genres of music: Swing and Disco. This is to make up the majority of the music, but some more traditional tunes may filter in from time to time. MTOMS also aims to raise awareness of Angelic Layer World, a forum run by the band's leader.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
That's the only way you can play. Well, I guess you could as Zombies, but that probably wouldn't be an improvement. Emphasis on Probably.
Your musical influences
They Might Be Giants, The Presidents of the United States of America, Talking Heads, and most Nerdcore groups.
What equipment do you use?
Whatever we can find. Give me your pen.
Anything else?
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