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Just Hip Hop Baby Just straight Rap, That Chicano Style.
Welcome to the Official C.Rider SoundClick Page, Coming out of central califas, Empowerment Records LLC welcomes you and thanks you for droping by our web site. C. Rider is a writer who is inspired by his everyday life. He loves his music and started writing as an outlet, and later found that he loved this more than just an outlet, but as a profession. He started to take things more seriously later in life and partnered up with his significant other Valeria aka NVied, a fellow artist. Together they formed, Empowerment Records LLC. Empowerment Records conitnues to grow and they are looking for new fresh talent daily. C. Rider's goal is to not only put out his music, but other "chicano" talent as well
Band/artist history
Well the history has yet to happen IM waiting for my ship to come in.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No not at the moment, theres no real place You can find my music only here on soundclick and myspace.
Your musical influences
Atomic dog the P funk George Clinton. Any of these Old school Groovers and all the Gd Up Guys In the Rap game.
What equipment do you use?
Just a mic
Anything else?
Well I really Dont what to say right away, if God sees a place for me in this Rap Game Hes gonna bless me with the right people at the right time. First of I got to thank God for putting the talent in me sec. I got to thank my loved ones for believing. I got to thank all the Artist, Producers, who been helping me in this quest of mine. I believe we all can make it when we network together and put our ideas to work.
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