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Born and Bred to Classic Rock as a '73’er, it’s simply in my blood! Listening to the likes of Rush, The Eagles, and AC-DC, started a L.L.Love of music.
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The Devil's Door
IF E.A. Poe wrote a song it would have to sound like Desperado from Alice Cooper's 1974 Greatest Hits album. Eerie, translucent like a ghost, and clocked in surreal truths of evil. I captured a little of each in this song about the witches I've loved
Whiskey On My Breath
I tried to get that "Road House Blues" sound without copying it. Then conquer up Jims vocal mojo, but the Lizard King eluded me. Tho I could smell the whiskey from his breath on the back of my neck. Well at least the goosebumps where real!
The Black Cats Eye
This song is just a jam I put together. The sounds of what seems to be a cat can be heard behind the wall of music. It reminded me of that E.A. Poe story of the one eyed black cat.
Sweet Bourbon Lies
A song that echos my fight against being addicted to anyone or anything.
An odd song that takes on many changes, distorts, and mutates.
"mute" is a solo deal I put together while in Isle 6 as a way to write some music for web sites as theme songs. But it became an outlet for my music, muted. All songs photos, and art by Michael A. Jones are for sale by HereX Entertainment Group. (Except photos, words, and art for Isle 6, they belong to their respective owners and we all appreciate your allowing us to use them). You can check out my old band I played bass in. Isle 6 is a Classic Rock band that had a good run of many years. Til the Sun Comes Up is a great modern party song with a great classic rock vib.
Band/artist history
Started out playing Alto Saxophone. Then I stole my brothers Ozzy tape and heard RANDY RHOADS at 13yoa and life changed direction. Playing guitar became my passion. I’d played in a few cover bands but not out much until I landed playing bass for Isle 6. I took on the difficult job of learning bass and the songs needed to gig in only a few weeks. We played everywhere for about 5 years. Played in some other bands but never had the same experience as Isle 6. Started writing theme songs cause I cant sing worth a lick. So paron the vocals. When Isle 6 disbanded I’d played in a few other bands but never had the success I’d found in Isle 6. I returned to schooling and was excepted into the university where I became a double major in English and Psychology. Do to exhaustion of carrying a full time printing job, two children, writing a few ebooks, and a string of failed relationships, I dropped out of the university. As COVID hit and I was unable to do much! I began playing more and more and eventually writing a few songs I actually liked. That led me to open my own entertainment group HereX. If you’re a vocalist for hire, please contact HereX. All of my songs are for sale by HereX Entertainment Group. Please contact HereX Entertainment Group for more details. https://herex.onuniverse.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, playing acoustic sets. Book me at my website https://herex.onuniverse.com Played all over the Four State area in Isle 6. Opened for Kix frontman Steve Whitman's band Funny Money at the Nest in Boonsboro, MD.
Your musical influences
Musically: Randy Rhoads, Rush, Slayer, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Alice Cooper, REO Speedwagon, AC/DC, CCR, the doors, tool, Brad Paisley, Hank, George Strait, Aaron Lewis, Yes, Styx, Journey, Steppenwolf, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Joan Jett, Heart, Stevie Nicks, Foreigner, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Von, Jimmy Hendrix, and Boston! Mindfully: E.A. Poe, Randy Rhoads, James Dougles Morrison, Neil Peart, Allen Watts, Robert Frost, Golden Bound Books, Robin Willams, Steven Hawking, Jim Carry, Dan Brown, Mom, Dad and siblings, Jim Beam, The Universe
What equipment do you use?
Jackson guitars, Marshall, Vox, Shure, eS-V7, MXL 990 & 991, Tascam US122 interface, E-mu Xboard 49, Korg D3200, Peavey guitars and amps. Dunlop everything, Squire guitars, Epiphone guitars, Ovation acoustic/electric guitars, PRS guitars, GHS strings, Jim Beam.
Anything else?
I’d like to thank everyone who has supported my music over the years. I'd really like to thank those that didn't! I'd given up if you'd loved me and I'd never had the heartaches and set backs that grounded me, (or almost put me in the ground) and pushed me to move on. https://herex.onuniverse.com
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come check out my web site at http://www.freewebs.com/rrisgod/index.htm and please sign the guestbook.
http://www.freewebs.com/rrisgod/index.htm my_mute_music@yahoo.com
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