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Ethan Miller and Kate Boverman
Fiery and original radical songs of hope, justice and struggle
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Declaration of War
No more silent peace vigils: This is a declaration of war against the Empire of violence, fear, greed and control!
Come Home
A song about the suffering of families whose loved ones were tricked or forced to become soldiers and go kill for someone else's profit
Only Eight
A song against the oppresive policies and actions of the eight captitalist superpowers of the world, and a call to resist the power of nation states with the power of grassroots self-organization and mutual aid!
A song of hope in the face of a culture of despair
White Lies
A song about white skin privilege, white supremacy culture, and the responsibility of white folks to be active anti-racist activists and allies.
Ethan & Kate perform firey and original of hope, liberation and struggle. With hard-hitting lyrics, rich vocal harmonies and rhythmic high-energy acoustic guitar, their music aims to strengthen and inspire movements for social, economic and ecological justice. * * * * * RiOtFoLk "making folk a threat again!" * * * * * Hi friends, All of our music is here for free download (and also at www.riotfolk.org) because we believe in the power of songs as tools of struggle and social change-- and we want these tools to be freely shared with all who might find them useful. The songs here are also anti-copyright (registered into the Public Domain at ), because we believe that art should not be privately owned, but rather shared as part of our "cultural commons" (how could we copyright chords and language and ideas that are a thousand years old?!) "But if all your music is free, how do you eat?" people ask. Well, we work odd jobs, share income, and grow some of our food. We make some money from live gigs and CD sales. We live by mutual-aid and with low-impact ethics. We appreciate any donations you can give for these songs (or CD purchases)-- they help sustain us and allow us to continue our work. CDs can be purchased by mail order (see address below) and are sliding scale, $5-$30. SLiding scale is based on a principle of solidarity-- folks paying at a higher end makes it possible for us to offer this music to others who can't afford the usual high price of a CD. Thanks! CDs are also available for $15 at And of course, we'd love to come play in your town, so drop us a line... Keep loving, keep fighting! -e&k
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes! Playing live is the heart and soul of our music-- we seek to use our music as a tool to challenge, inspire and incite movements for radical social transformation. We play in community centers, infoshops, cafes, churches, schools, in the streets....wherever our music can do its work and threaten the Empire!
Your musical influences
Malvina Reynolds, Woody Guthrie, Phil Ochs, Ani DiFranco, Utah Phillips, Jim Page, Indigo Girls, David Rovics, Dick Gaughan, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Ewan MacColl, Casey Neill, Hazel Dickens, Steve Earle
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