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The band is Industrial Electronic with a little bit of ambience and hardcore Rock out with us or lie down and listen to it
Man Without A Soul
Peak in sub-genre #4
Hello and Welcome to Morbit. the name morbit came out of no where and was stuck with. The creator of the band was John "Johnny" Cunningham. Actually, I am the one member of the band, but hopefully one day there will be another member in my band.
Band/artist history
It all started with Me, Johnny. I loved music since I was a kid. In the month of October 1997 I got a music program called ACID ROCK (I have since upgraded) and I make/remake/remix/resound my music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, i dont play live unforunately. I use a music program and record stuff on my computer.
Your musical influences
Hey, if I ever get a chance to smash a guitar I will. I like rocking out/moshing/getting my emtions out without a GUN. It is a rush.. better than any drug. Pure Raving Emotions. NINE INCH NAILS was a great influcence and so are many other bands.
What equipment do you use?
I use Fruity Pro, Acid Music, Some Keyboard (I wish I could remember the name) and my trusty Computer.
Anything else?
Please, if you are reading this stuff, support my band as much as possible. If you want to promote me, I will promote you as much as possible (i.e. banners, emails..etc)