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THe Prophet of CMe
THe Prophet of CMe
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Creative Minds Entertainment presents "The Prophet" Words from The Prophet himself: "I'm just a poet tryin to make it in this cut throat game" I've been influenced by hip-hop and poetry since a very early age. When I was in 6th grade, I was in a period in my life where I was still really learning about myself and I came across an album called, 2pacalypse Now, which was Tupac's first album. It was then when I really started getting into hip-hop and also realized that I had a real talent to write poetry. I remember a project that we had in class where we were supposed to pick poems from different books and arrange them in our own little book and then draw pictures about what we thought the poets were writing about next to them. We were then going to get that book hardbound as something to keep with us after we graduated. All of my classmates were picking from pre-written poems when I decided that I would rather write my own instead of pick from others, and the teacher okayed it. Although the poems I wrote were all very basic, through that process, I learned about different styles of poetry and became really intrigued by it. I realized that everyone has their own method of release or a hobby, mine was poetry. I loved the fact that I could write about my inner most thoughts and fears and communicate with people through these words, people that I had no prior connection or interaction with. So began and brand new period of my life. From then on, I would just write poetry all the time. Every girlfriend I had would get poem after poem on so many different occasions, which was definitely a plus with the ladies. It wasn't until 1998 when I really started to take this talent to write poetry and combine it with music to create lyrics. At first it was really just as basic as it could be. Me and a good friend that I had back in high school bought a little 4 track and some speakers and a drum machine, and we would mess around with beats and record tracks onto cassette tapes. I would always tell my friends that one day I would make it to the Grammy's and I would be nominated and that was then and still is now a dream of mine that I will make come true one of these days. From then to now, I've changed a lot as a person, as a writer, a poet, and a rapper. I have definitely had my fair share of crooked two faced friends, people whom I hope to never have to deal with again, but people who have also made me stronger because of their crooked ways. The main thing that kept me going was that I never gave up. I was sending demo after demo out to so many different record labels. I got no responses until Creative Minds Entertainment called me back. They saw in me what i've been seeing in myself this whole time and took a risk and signed me to the label. It's barely been a year and we've already accomplished SO MUCH independently and things are getting better and better with every second that goes by. I had a lot of people ask me what style I had and who I compared myself to as an artist and a poet. Although the biggest poetic influence in my life was and still is Tupac Amaru Shakur, I still couldn't really compare my style to his or any others for that matter and that is where A New Breed of Rap came from. I feel like hip-hop is in a state of emergency right now and is very monotone as far as everything is sounding the same. I always talk about the essence of hip-hop and how I feel as if it is completely gone. By that I mean, hip-hop now-a-days seems to ONLY be about the money, the cars, the jewelery, the women, and all the other materialistic things that come with fame and fortune. What happened to the music? I put my heart and soul into what I write and I feel like there really aren't many artists out there in the lime light that do that anymore. I do believe that there is definitely a place in hip-hop for the bling bling, but too much of anything is bad and it's definitely time for A New Breed of Rap. What I want people to get from my music and feel after they have listened to any one of my tracks is the passion that I have on the mic and send through those speakers. I'm a very firm believer of staying true to myself and my fans and I will NEVER change my style or beliefs for money, fame, or fortune. I have been blessed with this talent and thankfully, people enjoy my style and feel the passion in my words. I have set many goals for myself and will acheive them god willing I'm alive and healthy. Together, Creative Minds Entertainment and I are introducing a new era in hip-hop and we are going to build an empire based around the true essence of it. Every second that I have in this life is a gift to be thankful for and no one can be granted life, if they take life for granted...
Band/artist history
"Creative Minds means Creative Control" Creative Minds Entertainment has grown from a small garage based operation to a full fledged corporation with a multitude of business under its umbrella. With writers, producers, artists, graphics designers, web masters, models and artist management when we say we have a lot to offer were barely scratching the surface. To do this you must have a love for the business and a good understanding of how to pull the full potential from people. We keep our eyes and ears open to whats going on around us and through out the world to bring you the quality entertainment and resources that we all deserve. Our Statement - Creative Minds Entertainment is lead by an intelligent and business savvy executive staff who respect and know the business thoroughly. The CME Staff appreciates and understands that great music is created by Creative Minds. People that are full of creative ideas who thrive off being pioneers in the entertainment world. The executive staff encourages their producers, writers, artist, musicians and designers to embark upon cutting-edge material to expose the creativity and originality of their company. To support their encouraging views theyve built a recording studio equipped with a 32-track digital board and top of the line equipment to insure that quality sound. The production team is one of the best not only in the bay area but the industry itself. Respected for their original sound and production skills, they continue to earn recognition throughout the industry This talented team has collaborated with a number of celebrity artist and producers. While capable of producing wide ranges of music, our team specializes in RB, Pop, Underground Rap and Hip Hop music. CME also has a talented graphic art department, which handles all of their graphic needs, from designing CD Covers, posters, flyers, magazine ads, T-shirts. web site designs and anything else that needs eye catching graphic attention. Their Web master works closely with the graphics department to give CME a strong presence on the Web, so the company and their artist can be seen and heard throughout the world 24 hours a day. Creative Minds Entertainment is also involved in the apparel and garment industry. Theyve designed and trademarked several different urban clothing lines, which have been featured on fashion show run ways, television and radio shows worldwide. CME is a company full of creative, energetic, and talented individuals who work together as a TEAM to achieve one goal.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nobody rocks the mic like "The Prophet" ona live set...
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Redman, 2pac, Biggie, Mac Dre, Ice Cube, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Cash Money, ISP, The Beat Junkies
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Show some love and support to Creative Minds Entertainment and The Prophet www.creativeminds-ent.com www.anewbreedofrap.com