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Bob Murphy
A fun inspired original music blues and rock musician
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24 songs
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Walk With Me
A medium blues song that speaks to being together by walking and talking with each other including truly paying attention
Laugh at the Day (The La La Song)
A love song
Black Ice Soul
Some people have very cold hearts. This is about a man with Black Ice for his heart and soul. You don't see black ice, but it causes a lot of trouble.
Always Do Right
This is an up tempo Country Blues song about trying to do right and everything keeps coming out wrong
The Love is Over Blues
If you tell a woman the love is over, you better be ready to play. Features Erin Murphy on vocal and is also loaded on her Soundclick area.
When I was very young my older sister was buying 45 RPM singles. Well I heard Elvis' King Creole and Chuck Berry's Wee Wee Hours and I was hooked on what I didn't realize as a 6 year old was the Blues. I would almost always be listening to the "B" sides of the singles as I tended to find them more interesting than the "A" sides. When all my friends were catching Beatlemania in the early 60's I was listening to Lighting Hopkins. It was difficult socially until later in my teens when I would meet up with other like minded people. In mid 60's I heard Fresh Cream and Hendrix as well as Alvin Lee and decided to play the guitar and form a band. Each one of my friends decided on an instrument to learn so we could have a band. We all basically learned together in my parent's basement. Since I still love to play music I now have my project studio where I write and record for my sanity. I go in to it a couple of times a month after dinner and will emerge sometimes an hour later and sometimes the next day. Please also check out my daughter Erin Murphy here at Soundclick www.soundclick.com/erinmurphy Thanks!
Band/artist history
I started playing with friends in junior high in a small Massachusetts town called Winchester. We had a band called "This Side Up". Then as a senior in high school I joined the "Poor Paul Band" and we played together for about 15 years. They had a gig coming up and needed a guitar player. I knew most of the songs and was available so I was in. I miss playing out but I don't miss lugging the gear :-) I've decided that when I retire I am forming a blues band. I'll play golf during the day and play the blues at night.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I still get together every now and then and Jam with friends. We have some pizza and beer and whole lot of fun. My daughter Erin and I have been invited for the last 2 years to play in a band at the Reading MA Town Faire. It's really nice to play with others as it inspires interaction. Alone in the project studio is fun but creatively limited.
Your musical influences
Although my influences come from all genres and range from Hendrix to Woody Guthrie and everything in between. I was fortunate to hear live electric blues at the original "Boston Tea Party" club on Berkley St in Boston when I heard artists like BB King and Buddy Guy play. In those days the J Geils Band was typically house band opening act.
What equipment do you use?
Recording: Roland VS1880 Guitars: Blond Les Paul Deluxe, Fender Strat w/EMG's, Starfire IV, '69 Jazz Bass, '63 Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Keyboard: Alesis 7.1 Microphones: C3000 Large Diaphragm is my main microphone. I also use Shure and Senheisser on occasion Toys: DR 770 drum machine, Line 6 POD, Digitech Guitar processor, Vocalizer Harmony, machine, etc... etc... etc...
Anything else?
I really enjoy listening to the incredible creativity shown on Soundclick in all genres.
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