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Bob Richard's
Bob Richard's
11 Tracks
Vermont's Country Artist
Silver Bells
Peak in sub-genre #45
I Like It, I Love It
As we go on through the night
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The Truth is Hurting Me
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Understand your Man
Description Singer/Songwriter with deep traditional influences in country music. Born April 1963 in Burlington, Vermont. Bob grew up in the "old north end" the poor section of Burlington. His grandmother was a big influence on his music, she had bought him his first music album at age 6. Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, and had taken Bob to see Johnny Cash at the Flynn theatre in Burlington. That concert is what created Bob's style and love for country music. At the age of 8, Bob had gotten his first guitar and learned to play by ear. In 1982 he graduated from Essex Junction high school and joined the army reserves. From 1982 to 1988 were formative years for Bob, as he would bring his guitar with him everywhere and sing at the drop of a hat. He also had been in a few backyard bands that played country and rock. January of 2000, Bob answered an add in the local newspaper for a guitarplayer. Blue Bandana is the country group that formed, featuring Bob Richard's as the front man for the group. After 1 month Blue Bandana had become booked solid. The group became very popular in the local area of Vermont, and New York. Being a carpenter by day and a musician by night was a very active lifestyle for someone from small town Vermont, but he loved doing it. A job injury in december 2002 forced Bob to quit the group in the following spring. The group slowly floundered and died from it's original popularity. Now Bob is currently looking for another group and doing some shows solo at jamborees throughout Vermont. In an interview Bob had said "there is nothing like being on stage and having people love everything you do". A very hard working man, an honest man, sum up who Bob Richard's is.
Band/artist history
From April 2000 to March 2003, I founded a group called Blue Bandana. We were very popular in the Vermont and New York area. i had to quit the group after falling off a ladder at my day job. They were angry with me because the band is not popular anymore. I'm readt to start a new group or go solo with a backup band on CD, play guitar and sing along with it. This makes it a little harder to do requests.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I enjoy playing live very much. I have a wonderful response from all audiences I've ever played for. From New York through Vermont.
Your musical influences
Johnny cash, Eagles, and many of the traditional country artists.
What equipment do you use?
Peavy Studio Pro 112 Guitar amp, Yamaha Stratacaster, Squier Telecaster.
Anything else?
I want to be a national artist with airplay and have a recording contract. I want to bring back a traditional country sound, with the advantages of modern equipment to produce a unique signature to my music. I am going to perform on a national level, to sell my music and meet all of my fans. I want to learn more about recording and the production of music. I want to influence a large audience and perform daily to improve my work.
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