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HeadboXX are NeoSoul/ Dance/ FunkPunk/ HipTripHop/ Classical/ Meladramatic Pop Song
HeadboXX is Ken Drakeford / Niamh Collins (Eve Debris) / Zamo Riffman. Our selection is varied / NeoSoul / Dance / HipTripHop / FunkPunk / Melodramatic song. I might have left something out.
Band/artist history
There are 3 of us in the current lineup. Lead singer and secret weapon is Niamh (Eve deBris) Collins. A powerhouse vocalist with so much soul. Female JB. Female Aretha. Well she is anyhow. Niamh recently had a very positive writeup in the Irish Times. Also a mad ting on stage who incites the crowd!! Has also been involved in a jazz orchestra, and a top dublin party band. Zamo Riffman is a multitalented musician vocalist and madman. Could also make it as a comedian. Mainly on bass in HeadboXX, he's equally at home on guitar, keys and drums. Ha has been involved with many top dublin bands, recording and producing. Then there's me. Songwriting/ producer/ musician. Have played in many Dublin bands on keyboards and guitar. I started on guitar as a child in the late 60s. By the early 70s I bacame fascinated by technical speed. Guitarists like John McLaughlin, Jan Akkerman, Louis Stewart, Django Reinhart, Larry Coryell, Tal Farlow, George Benson blew me away. So I was hooked. Then I got into keyboards in the late 70s. Started writing songs. Got married and lost the urge. Got back about 5 years ago. Currently as a musician/ producer I have different names for different ventures. Dizasteroid, Jonny Flash, The Contaminator, Kentronic, Away With Words, Bashfit, Vol11 and produce a few tracks for H!LG.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have played a few short gigs in pubs in town. Due to the mini orchestral sound it is not possible to produce it as a trio so we play to backings until we can afford to branch out. We have several musicians lined up but it all takes money.
Your musical influences
Artists:: Muslimgauze? AphexTwin? FatboySlim? AmonTobin? BillLaswell? Squarepusher? Prefuse73??DJShadow? Steinski? DJ/Rupture? Stereolab? producers:: TrevorHorn? GeorgeMartin? Jam&TerryLewis? BernardEdwards Nile Rodgers? QuincyJones? Guitar influences? DjangoReinhardt? TalFarlow? JohnMcLaughlin? LarryCoryell? Louis Stewart?
What equipment do you use?
Need a benefactor to step in.
Anything else?
I'll think of something I'm sure.
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