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The Tunemaster
Hercules, USA
October 15, 2005
1,447 plays
Native of the midwest, Indiana, and residing in the westcoast air, the Bay Area, D Jones aka. Tunemaster, has the versatile ability to adapt to the nature of any genre of music. Creative by nature, and a love for music that runs deep in the heart, producing for rap artists, singers and soundtracks are some of the accomplishments, along with writing. Singing in the choir, to develop a sense of harmony as a youth, developing an ear and technique in an R&B group, to finally understanding that the real creating for the Tunemaster is designing masterpieces for the multitudes.
Band/artist history
I've completed some intense work on an album, for the group,5NDime(www.5NDime.com)where I produced an entire album that was complimented by some very talented lyricists and performers. I'm curently working on other projects for various artists, and of course producing tracks to be availible to many!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Most of my music is done in the studio environment, where creative juices flow. Live performances are as needed given the role of composing and writing are for other performers.
Your musical influences
Influences are Funkadelic, Santana, RK, Earth Wind and Fire and Donny Hathaway
What equipment do you use?
Not being able to keep up with technology means, you basically master what ever you get in front of you and create a sound like no other.
Anything else?
Yeah, go Colts!!! Naptown love.
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Hercules, USA
October 15, 2005
1,447 plays