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Someday Souvenir
Someday Souvenir
4 Tracks
Female fronted pop band! Attractive sassy lead singer with girls that can really play their guitars!
Someday Souvenir refuse to be confined to any one certain genre or style of music. Instead they embrace all music in order to create something that satisfies their individual musical tastes. By combining elements of driving rock, power pop, and raw emotion, they have managed to craft their own signature sound that sets them apart from the majority of their contemporaries. Someday Souvenir has been featured in Curve Magazine and has shared the stage with acts such as BETTY, Shunda K from Yo! Majesty. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry,and Uh huh her. Armed with an intense live show, Someday Souvenir plan on sharing their musical expression with as many people as possible. "What we want more than anything else is to play for anyone that will listen. If this allows us the opportunity to travel the world and keep doing what we are here to do for a bigger audience, then that is the ultimate privilege." - Someday Souvenir --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Band/artist history
Tampa, FL -Stephanie,Dari,and Chrissy formed the band after their former band developed a following with enough of a loyal fan base to earn them -2003 ?Best New Band? in the Weekly Planets- Readers Choice Awards as well as Budweiser True Music artist. The band took a break to write more material Currently recording their first CD Someday Souvenir gets really to hit the local scene with pop/rock sound that can easily transition from one style to another. Their original songs weave contrasting vocal textures into a coherent pop-rock tapestry that quickly leaves an unforgettable mark on the eardrums. If there is an open door or window to be seen or heard Someday Souvenir can draw in a crowd quickly with their showmanship, great music, and warm inviting shows Someday Souvenir promises to lure audiences everywhere with a combination packed punch that is regarded to be a sure success. Go see them live you?ll be glad you did!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We all have played in very popular bands.We have all played shows in pubs,bars,events,concerts,venues both big and small,with local and major label acts.We all come from bands with big followings...
Your musical influences
influences that range from Fall out Boy, Lady Gaga.Katy Perry, Pink,3 Oh 3'sThe Used, My Chemical Romance, and Taking Back Sunday,Brand New,Greenday, anyone that writes great music! if it is guitar driven and the emotions are in the vocals we are all about it!
What equipment do you use?
The girls use Mesa Boogie amps with gibson and fender guitars.Custom rack and Boss effects
Anything else?
We have a tight lead singer? (that's what we hear from the guys)
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