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solo band that is unique and new and is a style between hip hop and progressive rock with drum and bass and trance and hardcore random funny good best beat best
myspace.com/adarkmatter wel yer i didnt know thered be so many listners, i shud hav kept refreshin da ideas if i knew there wer guna b that many views. advertising in schools works
Band/artist history
ho?-if there are any band members that r good enuf let me no u no wat im sayin. sum ppl dnt get jokes very good
Have you performed in front of an audience?
luv playin live but i am stil to put together a band of geniuses lol
Your musical influences
wel i spose the gr8 influences of my parents 70's music like steely dan. has a good improvisational stance wich is good cos it allows me to do progressive hip hop with electronic bollox and still do authentic tracks at will. life is good u no ppl, liv it to the fullest bfor u die painfully. wen u die in ur sleep u still feel pain i dnt no wat old ppl r tryin 2 pull. scared like the race as a whole. a worthy mix/ red hot chilli peppers, gorillaz, ocean colour scene/rock/hip-hop/good/new/unique/fresh/o as g d t y
What equipment do you use?
lets just say lots, an i am stil to get my moneys worth
Anything else?
love instruments, love my head. if i cud only spend more than a small amount of time on a tunes id probably be so rediculously famous. but hey time wil tel. hey peace to u all, anxt-pesamist or Optimist we wish u good tidings and stuff. band name 'adarkmatter'is interesting- or 'passing lines' as in mechanised schedular lines of people with specified jobs. and it is lead from over-population brought from free sex and copulation and fruit that is healthy and keeps us alive longer, of course leading to more overpopulation and therefore conflict between man. hints from the bible are adam and eve and the fruits of nature that wil stop our race from dying. but we are selfish as dominant logical beings and we not only want more all of the time but we have temptation to develop , and is because of our ability to communicate. we do not think about the future because we are imperfect cos we expire. our 'creator' can therefore not be perfect. furthermore we can see that life is about having sex and overpopulating and causing conflict and general controversy-sparking thought which is going to and has already started to destroy our own races existence. do we care -no -cos we are here to live-reproduce-spread on genes of dominance over other races on the planet and survive. we will not survive because in living we die and in that we may aswell live life to the fullest. but Anxtiety's album wen it comes out--as in A wich is easy to find u no. and yer il tel u more on each album
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Detroit/flint type7 194BPM