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nickollas medina
nickollas medina
11 Tracks
that bronx bullshit im on it
One half of the medinaz, nickollas hits the mic. displaying his solo abilities as an established street star.Never the less comes thru that door with flamin guns.The bronx's finnest along with his liricly acclaimed 461 klick is here to establish his klick,his name,and not to metion the X (a.k.a. the bronx).With his street style along with his spanish pride this as he would say "this spick dominican hick" is going to be around for years to come.
Band/artist history
i started rappin early 1984 i was about 6 years old me and my brother use to write the fat boys, run dmc,ll cool j,and beasty boys songs and rap along then couple years afta that we was writing our own shit.we went thru so many names so many different styles its more like a reflect.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have done live shows before but i have been working on reinveting nickollas medina that no i haven't done nothing recently.I love the stage makes me feel that feeling you feel when your on acid but better you know natural hi type shit.ME and my brother ripped up "Demmoraras" and "scotties" in Y.O. murdered shit 2 of my favorites cause we weren't really ready.
Your musical influences
I have musical influences from all walks of life from hiphop,bachata,merenge,salsa,reggea,reggeaton,r&b,rock and roll,and alternative music.
What equipment do you use?
one mic.
Anything else?
thank you for givin my music a chance.461 klick is some thing to behold so be on the look out for the sound brand !461 klick! thats us support it.
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