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Steve Ison
Birmingham, United Kingdom
March 15, 2003
47,982 plays
I'm a solo bedroom recording artist recording on cubase and love all creative song based music.Don't like to be limited by genre,but i'm probarbly acousticelectricpsychedeliclounge-folk-jazzin'pop/rock i guess if its gotta be narrowed down.. I live in a 24/7 fantasy music bubble in a flat in Birmingham UK and like going for long walks in the sunshine making up songs in my head.. when i'm not sitting at the computer surfing and getting red eye.. Have a solo album available.. Here.. if you want to check them out..
Have you performed in front of an audience?
With my band THE STRANGEST FEELING..Other than that,the occasional acoustic gig if asked -or play on the spur of the moment at the pub or parties..
Your musical influences
The Beatles,David Bowie,The Kinks,60s Girl Group pop,Francoise Hardy,Nick Drake,T.Rex,Tyrannosaurus Rex,Love,Velvet Underground,Os Mutantes,Margo Guryan,Caetano Veloso,Syd Barrett,Big Star,The Who,The Rolling Stones (Brian Jones 60s period)The Beach Boys,Brian Wilson,Donovan,The Flaming Lips,Belle And Sebastian,Serge Gainsbourg,Johnny Cash,Eric Sate,Elliott Smith,Bob Dylan,Neil Young,The Byrds,Simon and Garfunkle,The Replacements,Dusty Springfield,Abba,Queen,America,Moody Blues,Lee Hazelwood,John Martyn,acoustic,alt folk,Lo-Fi,dreampop,happy/sad,progressive pop,Lou Reed,The Police,60s,70s,Marc Bolan,World Party,the White album,Hunky Dory,Forever Changes,Spirit,Chopin,Crosby Stills Nash,Kurt Cobain,The Pretenders,The Moody Blues,Wire,REM,Cocteau Twins,The Coral,Lou Reed,John Lennon,Plastic Ono Band,Burt Bacharach,The Rolling Stones,The Happies,Steve Harper,Jimi Hendrix,The Left Banke,The Buzzcocks,Julian Cope,A Teardrop Explodes,The Stone Roses,Beck,Arnold Corns,Arnold Layne,See Emily Play,Mavericks,Bohemians,Eccentric,generous spirited n romantic existential lovers everywhere...
What equipment do you use?
Nothing to write home about..
Anything else?
and check out for some nice lofi acoustic music..
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