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DJ Neon Productions - Ear 2 Da Street
DJ Neon Productions - Ear 2 Da Street
14 Tracks
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My names n.e.o.n and I DJ/Produce and do other things such as video editing,photography,engineering and light controlling. I used to dj rnb on my own but then thought that because some people i knew needed a dj, id jus show them my skills. From there is progressed really, i started doin a few sets wid people who used to mc round my area. After that i started makin beats and when deadly used to do radio quite a few were getin played on there. I then heard some of nee-his material and we decided to form ear 2 da street out of that. Now people outisde and around the uk play my and my crews tunes and weve done 2 cds and a dvd.
Band/artist history
Ear 2 Da Street MixCD/DVD Volume One DJ Neon Productions - Ive Got My Ear 2 Da Street
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playin live is massive. Ive dun it a few times before but u can never ever beat that buzz of people waiting for you to mix, or mcs ridin beats live.
Your musical influences
I am influenced by any piece of music that i hear, it could be a classical,rock,dance. I can listen to any music as long as it has a meaning and sounds right if u know what i mean. Along the line of producers themselves, id say my main influences are people such as mike skinner and the neptunes. Using simple ideas and varying them.
What equipment do you use?
At the moment im using all the standard stuff, u know!
Anything else?
Watch out for new projects from us and if u havent heard us, have a listen! safe 4 visiting. www.ear2dastreet.tk www.djneonproductions.tk
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