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Hokum England
Hokum England
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Prog, Rush, Alex Body, Brendan Hurley, Alex Dunbar, Progressive, Rock, Classic Rock, Rickenbacker, Fender, Good, Wicked, Awesome, Drummer, Bassist, Guitarist, T
Hokum are a three piece, Felixstowe based Progressive rock band. They're hated by many, loved by more - mainly because they're REALLY good.
Band/artist history
Hokum formed at the beginning of 2004. After some line-up changes towards the end of 2004, the new band quickly became focused on writing new songs at the beginning of January 2005. Their varied musical influences have enabled Hokum to work together to develop a varied range of progressive rock songs. Hokum are continuing to produce a wide variety of new original songs and their live performances are becoming ever more popular. They are regularly being asked to play different venues by a variety of different organisations, bands and promoters. Over the past few months Hokum have perfected their live sound by investing in new equipment. This has been done as a priority over recording tracks in a studio but this is expected to follow within the next few months. The most noticeable thing about Hokum is that hardly anyone is indifferent to them. Hokum are a band who everyone remembers, some people hate, and the rest absolutely love. Hokum are renowned locally for playing astonishingly good live performances. Not only because of their extremely high quality sound and tight playing, but in their ability to connect with and entertain any audience. Although people have claimed to see influences in Hokums music from a wide range of different bands they are proud that the most common band name mentioned after listening to Hokum is Rush. Hokum are: Alex Body: Twelve and Four string Basses, Guitars, Keyboards and Vocals Alex Dunbar: Drums & Cymbals Brendan Hurley: Guitars
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Of course we play live, music is best enjoyed live by both the crowd and the band! We play Ipswich mainly but have played in Suffolk and Essex.
Your musical influences
Rush, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Yes, Marillion, Muse, Cheap Trick, The Kinks, Black Sabbath, Genesis
What equipment do you use?
Alex Body: Rickenbacker 4003 Bass Guitar, Dean Twelve String Bass Guitar, Steinberger Guitar/Bass Double Neck. Line 6 Bass Pod Preamp, Various BOSS Bass effects, Casio Keyboards, Hammond MIDI Pedals, Shure Microphone, Alex Dunbar: Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Wooden Drumsticks Brendan Hurley: Fender Stratocaster Guitar, Marshall DFX Amplifier.
Anything else?