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One Man Band, Capable of Better Presentations Than all The Music Industry Put Together, Hence They Use My Ideas All The Time!
ARTIST: 2BAN GENRE: ROOTS / HIPHOP ALBUMS: 1. Dangerous Times / 2. Mark Of The Beast gomusicstore is delighted to have 2ban's albums available for paid download. This Ugandan-born UK-based refugee is many Albums deep into a career that's very underground, although it deserves a wider appreciation. He Calls His Music Smash Mouth Education a.k.a 2bans' Roots HipHop. Particularly for those tired of raps ghetto-centric rhymes, this chap has African-centric socio-tipped rhymes. The beats are sparse but work. Visit gomusicstore to check out 2bans albums. Click here to check out all the new artists / music on gomusicstore www.gomusicstore.com --------------- regards Rai 2Ban Who Am I? (2Ban) This Ugandan-born UK-based refugee is many Albums deep into a career thats very underground, although it deserves a wider appreciation. Particularly for those tired of raps ghetto-centric rhymes, this chap has African-centric socio-tipped rhymes. The beats are sparse but work. Theres variety, like the female cooing, and piano flourishes on the Non-Sequito, and Trade 2001. His issues cover pre-colonial, colonial and neo-colonialism, and the mind state of black people, and white imperialism upon the black psyche. Occasionally, a laugh or a line he says, echoes of 2Pac. On the thought-provoking Western Thinking, the potency of that track can not be overlooked. He probably calls upon his hallowing experience in writing Child Soldier. Worth discovering via 2ban.co.uk. ......................................................................Gargamel magazine (The international word in reggae and urban music)
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lowlife.fsnet The only chance the world has to rid itself of overwhelming American Hip Hop is in this man. Don't take my word for it. Look up his website and download the free evidence of him; What this means in reality is that 2Ban will actively encourage people to bootleg his material, heck, he'll even supply the cover artwork if you want. What this means is that any head who wants to make a few beans can get up and sell 2 Ban's stuff - keeping the revenue for themselves. He has produced a thought provoking offering, and he has a lot to say. It is refreshing to hear from someone who is taking their responsibilities as a role model and educator as well as entertainer seriously. There are some very serious messages on here, a real education if you choose it to be, however it is presented in an accessible way. african hiphop.com 2Ban also does video art and we received a DVD with image and video collages to their tracks, and the result is unlike anything we saw from a hip hop artist yet - 2Ban touch on a lot of topics that would make other conscious emcees feel like going back to the library. This is the Open Source version of releases. You can copy, sell and redistribute the albums as many times as you wish as long as you mention the original author 2Ban. These albums are richly packed with African historical jewels for your mind. I can't help but think that these are the kinds of albums that everybody needs to give a listen to, if only for the history lesson. cbmag.co.uk 2Ban deserves props and respect alone for the amount of tracks they've recorded show casing their genre of music "Roots Hip-hop" recorded from 2002 to 2004.The emcee spits some serious deep lyrics dealing with a whole load of issues that people face in life. If you want to listen to some deep positive hip-hop about real issues then these albums are really worth checking out. If you want to check out hip-hop thats different from anything out there at the moment then you need to pick up "Roots hip-hop" from a very talented emcee/song writer named 2ban. 2ban is a real emcee who speaks upon real issues, and isn't influenced by the commercial money hungry blinged out sound thats been polluting hip-hop recently. Not only is 2Ban an excellent lyricist who puts across a lot of positive messages, he's also a talented producer. Basically a one man band who definitely needs to be heard. Roots Hip-hop.. For more info on 2Ban or if you want to get a copy of his excellent albums e-mail me at mrcrf@cbmag.co.uk. The artist 2ban, Well he's back with a brand new track entitled "We Await A New Chapter" which hears 2Ban get deep and speak knowledge over the same break as Twista recently used on his Sunshine track. 2Ban also sent me a Dvd with 8 videos hes done to his music which if your interested in watching you should check out the website and get in touch with the man himself. Remember his Lp is also available on vinyl featuring a whole selection of Roots hip-hop Tracks. africasgateway.com Overall this is good material and that you should check 2ban for his good fact telling abilities. His strength is in keeping you listening. He has a message that he is desperate for people to listen to. I was impressed with many of the tracks on his albums just for the messages contained on here. I feel that people of all races can learn a lot from these materials. Anyway so what I like is that he has a message. He doesn't mess around, he tells his story to you directly. He wants to wake the African people's up and show them what colonialists have done to them. moonlightradio.com Throughout the world, we believe in giving each of our artists as much to say in their own words as possible, and with 2 Ban, we think we have come across a true individual. We have had a huge response from this exciting new artist and think it's worth sharing with you..
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Currently Seeking Open Minded People That Can Digest My Presentations without Feeling Belittled Or otherwise Suggesting I am Arrogant!
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The Voice Of The Wild Is My Inspirations! Formulated using Rnb, hiphop,jazz,reggea,house,garage,rap,drum n base,soul,calypso,ragga,dancehall,rock,folk,industrial,lovers rock,all manner of music even Bogo flava.
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VoiCe As Expressional Depth!!
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AnyOne wanting to Colaborate, i.e Get Proper lyrics on their articles should link me. Anyone Feeling they are Capable of A Presentation Fit for Human Child and Not Punchline Noise or Garbage that is Colateral Oriented. Afterall i am a CowDung Kid, i want real things from Real People!
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