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Ari Orangewater
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Acoustic Folk-Rock
I made a decision when I was fourteen that I would learn to play the guitar like Bob Dylan. Being that poetry was my main interest, I never really thought I’d have to practice too much, just be able to pluck out a few chords and a base note every now and again. What I found was a love for the craft in music. As time went on my tastes began to change, first for the Beatles (John Lennon and Sgt. Pepper’s to Abbey Road especially) and then for acid rockBig Brother and the Holding company, Hendrix and the Grateful Dead. I always listened to Zeppelin and Lou Reed and others from that era, but never pursued them for “inspirado.” I was in a band with Reid Koster for a while called Lampy and the Thornkings, and we were a little bit of the Presidents of the United States meets Tenacious D. Together Reid and I wrote Boxes and Rodrigo, but it was short lived. Currently I’m working on a project with Ben Mandeberg (lead guitarist of ‘What it is’), and writing music for the third Ari Orangewater album. Not to sell my music short, but I have always sort of replied on lyrics to carry my pieces. I believe words are just as powerful as strings, and I know when I listen to music, am generally looking for content to accompany the instruments. I am always trying to find a purpose for expression, whether it’s commenting on socio-political issues or romanticizing over a woman I once had but lost. The result is sort of a raw, clunky acoustic guitar and a boy speaking his mind, and the whole thing, the music scene, is a distant dream. What are we all doing here trying to express ourselves anyway? As a fellow artist, I am just trying to talk over all the loud voices that talk at the same time, just trying to get my opinions out there with all the other opinions that seem to be more significant, I’m just trying to speak and listen to it all at once and meanwhile keep a sincere intention in mind. Take some of these poems with you if they are of any use, I’ll post some more later. I’d like to thank Ben Mandeberg for producing Che, and my second work, which has yet to be released or titled. And Mikey Queen for running the site and being my manager.
Band/artist history
LAMPY AND THE THORNKINGS-- Pancho Morris (Vocals and Acoustic Guitars) Reid Koster (Vocals and electric guitars) Tenacious D Tribute Band-- Pancho Morris as Jack Black on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals Mikey Queen as Kyle Gass on Bass and Vocals Max Rose as Sasquath on Washboards Ari Orangewater (formally known as Confuscus Cat) Pancho Morris- Vocals and Acoustic Guitars Coming soon... Clockwork Society Pancho Morris- Acoustic Guitar and Vocals Ben Mandeberg- Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I will take any opportunity I can to play a live show. I love the intimacy of the acoustic scene when the audience casually listens and you interact with their laughter and silence.
Your musical influences
Dylan and Lennon
What equipment do you use?
Amelia- Mohaganny D-15 Martin Genevieve- Candy apple red Yamaha Pacifica Peavey 40 Watt Amp with acoustic pick up Egg Carpet No pic
Anything else?
If anyone is looking for an acoustic opener or someone for an acoutic show, my email is AriOrangewater@netscape.net