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Chris Louvieris
Chris Louvieris
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Chris louvieris is a singer songwriter, who just writes good music with no boundaries, with an emphasis on Lyrics provided by Paul Christodoulou.
Chris Louvieris a Greek Cypriot singer songwriter, born in London. My early influences were Jackson Browne, The Eagles, B.B. King. My style is a fusion of all these plus my own imput. Good friend Paul christodoulou writes most of the lyrics. The only other guy involved in the music is Mike (The Piano) Cherry, who plays all the keyboards and does all the string arrangements. The two of them now make up the band Lost White Brother, an instrumental band playing mainly down tempo Floyd sounding chillout music which you can here at www.myspace.com/lostwhitebrother.
Band/artist history
Started off in a band with Paul called Philosopher Stone in the 70's. Toured Europe until we split up. After a bad road accident I was unable to play guitar for years until I met up with an old musician friend who started me writing and recording my own songs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We get together for the occasional gig. Last time we did so, was to play for a combined Greek and Turkish Cypriot audience in Famagusta for the reunification of our island.
Your musical influences
Jackson Browne, B.B. King, Cat Stevens, Peter Green
What equipment do you use?
Fender Strat, and Paul Beard Resonator
Anything else?
Chris Louvieris sings & plays all the guitars, bass, drums, and Mike Cherry plays all the keyboards. Chris records all the songs in his home studio overlooking Kolossi Castle.
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