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LM the TM
LM the TM
Akron, OH  USA
October 07, 2005
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was born in 1985 as Zachary Martin, son to a business woman and a jazz musician. Homeschooled until 6th grade, Zac was exposed to things many kids his age were never aware of. Whether marching through the crowded streets of Washington D.C. alongside his mother or sitting in his father's lap while he played guitar, Zac was always taught to pursue his dreams to the best of his ability. , and recorded his first album. Containing 100% original material produced entirely by himself on a Casio piano and recorded with a dynamic mic and a rebuilt 486 PC computer, was his first attempt to contribute to the world of hip-hop that he loved so much. even parodied Em's current hit of the time "The Real Slim Shady" in a not-so-subtle mockery of the comparisons, due only to skin color. Although the album lacked any serious demand, those that did hear it took to numerous songs. a slow and dragging anthem to society's need for intoxicants, got the most attention. Although the quality of the mix was "complete and utter amatuer dog shit," as put it, the quality of the lyrics is what got the most mention. got back to work and made the rough draft of a mixtape called depicting competing against the angel of death in a battle of wits and childhood games for his soul, is still hailed as one of his most original and comical tracks to date and was immediatly taken to by fans when he leaked a rough copy to the net. said in an interview. 's discology is only at a whopping 2 final products. The second effot by Zac, , was finished and released in winter of 2004. The title poked fun at rappers who would memorize verses so they could spit them in cipher like they were freestyles. remembers, chuckling. and got the attention of those who had yet to discover 's music, and got rave reviews from friends and fans. His mix of social consciousness and witty one liners combined with precise alliteration quickly made his sound unique, and he's kept busy since. became a music enrichment teacher for the Akron Public School system, and taught afterschool classes to middleschool children in over half the district over the course of two years. Focusing on the instrumentalization of is music during that time, he produced something for almost everyone he's worked with. He now runs a site where he sells his production and allows people to preview his works. has already made it clear that 2007 will be a year of his career people will remember. With two EPs slated for release late this year, and a long awaited mixtape said to be nearing completion, it doesn't look like ever stopped cooking up new batches of material. he squeezes through a smirk. finally start talking again, folks." (Mixtape) (EP) (EP)(LP)
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