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Durty White Boyz
5 Tracks
Durty White Boyz are a 4 piece hip hop group from the durty south. Much like 2 Live Crew in the late 80's and early 90's, DWB brings a trunk rattling look into
Up & Down
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Knuckle Up
Peak in sub-genre #37
Love or Lust (feat. Stefon of 441)
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Durty White Boyz are a four-piece rap group from out of Polk County, Florida. Members consist of Delusional, Prophet, Durty Spott, & Lil' Keno.
Band/artist history
Offensive and crude, filthy and nasty but more than anything: durty. Anti-Authority Records and Interlude Entertainment proudly present DWB. These four white boys representing Polk County, Florida are bringing a whole new filth to the rap game. The name alone, an acronym for Durty White Boyz, goes to show you there are absolutely no boundaries in today's music scene and that proves to be true in the entire essence of DWB. DWB's debut album "Durty Style" is a collection of durty south club bangers that will undoubtedly get any party started from Polk County, Florida to Tokyo, Japan and everywhere in between. The opening anthem and title track "Durty Style" showcases the member's skills while nonchalantly exploiting their love for women. Other notable songs on the album include "Boom", "Up & Down", "Punanana", and the first single "Heyo" featuring production by none other than the King of Crunk, Lil' Jon. The album features guest appearances from Interlude Entertainment artists 441, Big Tim, and Smurff. Among others, Anti-Authority Records affiliates Tre' Stylez and Ro appear on Durty Style as well. "DWB is about us expressing ourselves the only way we know how, through music." says Delusional, member of the group and also co-owner of Anti-Authority Records. "Durty Style the album is about us fuckin', smokin', partyin', plottin', snortin', and fightin' cause that's what we like to do and we gon' bring those elements of our lives to our music just so you get to know us that much better. No matter what we do, we do it durty style, you feel me?", he says. "We ain't in this game to impress nobody, you can like us or hate us but we always gonna be in your face and on your mind!" Delusional's skill, energy, and ambition prove to peers and the industry alike that he is a force not to be fucked with. With many groups, projects, shows, and even a solo album called The Platinum Punk under his belt, D has witnessed and experienced the best and worst in the music industry, giving him the trait of a true leader. When not on stage or in the studio with DWB, Delusional can be found in the lab working on his second full length solo album Retaliation featuring tracks with Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Jumpsteady, DWB, and the whole Anti-Authority Records squad. The Ragin' Cajun, Lil' Keno brings the southern twang to the group. This 17 year-old Louisianna native pours heart and determination into everything he does. From rap to life, he takes the good with the bad and focuses on the positive. Don't let his kindness fool you, though, as he is known to become violent under pressure. An example of this is shown on the song "Vengeance" where Lil' Keno tells a real life story of crackheads breaking into his home, threatening his sister's life, and robbing his house blind. If you're looking for hard hitting punchlines and metaphores, Prophet a.k.a. Konflict may be your fixation with his fast-paced poetic rhyme style. This cognac drinkin', buddha tokin', X rollin', shroom trippin', coke geekin', tongue-twistin' street professor delivers knowledge on every level. From freestyling on the streets of North Carolina and Polk County, Florida alike, his solo EP Unspoken Knowledge is now available. "Fuck 'em and everybody that look like em, get at me" says Prophet after being asked about haters and enemies. Durty Spott is the quiet but deadly member of the group. He speaks only when needed. Look out for Spott around your girlfriend and keep your door locked, as he has been known to run through stranger's rooms with intentions of collecting valuables. This self-proclaimed "Durty One" is not to be trusted, especially with your life.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Any time, anywhere.
Your musical influences
2 Live Crew, Three 6 Mafia, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Lil' Wayne, N.W.A., 2Pac
What equipment do you use?
MPC2000 drum machine, Roland MC-303 drum machine, Korg Triton keyboard, and live instruments sometimes.
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