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DNA Entertainment
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Dreams 'N' Ambitions C.E.O. Iceburg - Tip of the Iceburg Soul of the North and the Heart of the South
New My Space Official Entertainment Site www.myspace.com/dreamsnambitions All New Updates D.N.A is a D.C. based entertainment entity that provides: consulting, advising, pre-production, project development, production, marketing, advertising, and distribution for artist (rappers, singers), comedians, and go-go bands throughout the East Coast. Comprised of a minute group of dedicated staff members, D.N.A ensures every client's work is street certified and game official. With a professional portfolio working with major labels (EMMEL, Violator, and Koch) Iceburg has paved the road for future business endeavors and proposals. DC CERTIFIED Collaborative Thanks and Appreciation DOE (Dollars Over Everything) Entertainment The Regime and Alliance
Band/artist history
Surfacing outta da, "Dirty District"?, Dreams .N. Ambitions (D.N.A) chief IceBurg is clearly showcasing verbal talents with a powerful smug-style hoodlum regime to support him. Coming from an area that motherfuckers would die to know about, this young hooligans credentials in the street and rap world are stamped certified official. Born and raised in the bloody N.E. corridor of D.C. this veteran to the game is not to be fucked with. A hustler mentality along with a highly aggressive mindset truthfully inspires continual sixteens and memorable phrases that are industry ready. www.myspace.com/dreamsnambitions Most niggers jump in the game broke screaming they rappers, but this shit just something I do and happen to be good and paid with it. My life is the contents and my heart is the pen, this rap shit is an effortless hustle motivated by the streets. God given talent that I dont try to do, but gotta do for me and all my real niggers that stayed true to the game. Real recognize real so when you see or hear Burg realize you encountering the Soul of the North and the Heart of the South. www.myspace.com/dreamsnambitions
Have you performed in front of an audience?
D.N.A has performed and promoted up and down throughout the East Coast from New York to Jamaica. Niggas really dedicated to this shit, we gotta eat. From my niggers in Memphis to my Dope Town Soldiers wherever I show up, I get love. Iceburg The Soul of the North and the Heart of the South. www.myspace.com/dreamsnambitions
Your musical influences
My music is street influenced and hood related, this shit is what it is. Real recognize real, so I don't look for love, I expect that shit. I don't copy styles, steal niggas add-libs, or let a nigga write my shit, I open the doors to life depending on how I feel; coming out of a ruthless District, D.N.A provides the shit you want to hear about every tyme. www.myspace.com/dreamsnambitions
What equipment do you use?
Whatever equipment put food on the table, shit if you don't work you don't eat. But really, I don't deal with all the little mechanics, I over see the dynamics of the entire project. www.myspace.com/dreamsnambitions
Anything else?
To the haters of the world fuck you; thats right you heard it correct FUCK YOU. Your life bout as worthless as a bag of spit: Bitch!!! Any nigger breathing that I can't eat with: run, duck, hide, jump off a bridge and kill your motherfucking self bitch because it's no stopping the Burglar !!!!! www.myspace.com/dreamsnambitions
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