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Every Other Fate
Every Other Fate
4 Tracks
Strapped to the gurney and rolling down the hall, Every Other Fate is the band one would hum before the electroshock treatments. As a furious and prosaic math/
Deny The Dreams
Peak in sub-genre #33
Struggling to Redesign
Into the Singularity and the Maw of Tomorrow
Strapped to the gurney and rolling down the hall, Every Other Fate is the band one would hum before the electroshock treatments. As a furious and prosaic math/prog band, Every Other Fate redefines the standards of modern progressive music following the direction of such bands as The Mars Volta, Muse and Coheed and Cambria. Whoopsy Magazine calls this Austin-based quartet "a relentless and disarming emo-math-rock mosaic.
Band/artist history
With the completion of their first full-length album, Into the Singularity and the Maw of Tomorrow, Every Other Fate has found themselves caught in a maelstrom of high-profile performances, including headlining a show at SXSW, opening at Stubbs for Kevin Martin (Candlebox) and the Hi-Watts, playing The Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival, and consistently headlining in the Austin area. Their current concept album flows in movements as a narrative, telling the 1st-person story of a man struggling against technology and questing for meaning and enlightenment. Into the Singularity... is a wrenching, pulsating journey through emotion and insanity that leads the listener, through musically-induced psychosis, into the uknown and beyond. Every Other Fate includes Brent Ferguson (vocals/bass), Josh Cunningham (guitar), Matt Hinterlong (guitar/backing vocals) and Brandon Daniel (drums). All of their projects, including their current album, are all-encompassing and include original artwork, graphics and web design. Included with the CD is a prosaic, passionate novella detailing the narrative described lyrically on the album.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Austin, San Marcos, Houston
Your musical influences
the mars volta, radiohead, tool, fugazi, centro-matic, elliot smith, mogwai, redneck manifesto, john frusciante, sunnyday, godspeed, pinback, king crimson, the red hot chili peppers, at the drive-in, built to spill, rush, pink floyd, philip glass, sonic youth, queens of the stone age and many, many others
What equipment do you use?
Fender guitars and amps, Marshall amps, G&L guitars, Premiere drum kits, DR and D'Addario strings
Anything else?
is an exhausting listen. Of course that"s a good thing for your typical math-rocker (or prog-metalhead, in my case). The myriad tightly-packed ideas are not exactly luxuriously developed, but they are all really good ideas executed with refreshing confidence. Essentially a disorienting thrill ride, this album could be considered ear-candy if it weren't for the consistently thought-provoking lyrics. While at times sounding like he's reading from his diary (for all the good and bad that may entail), vocalist and presumed lyricist Brent Ferguson gets points for an expressive delivery and his intriguing concepts about insanity and technology. Gold stars go to head-spinning drum work by Brandon Daniel and nuanced-yet-adrenal production by Jason Moore. This tight local release that will give you your money's worth of thrills, and more than a little depth and honesty thrown in to wash it down." , Whoopsy Magazine, October 2005
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