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Dj Mercury
A Unique but weird artist
121 songs
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Techno Obscurity
Obscurity: uncertainty of meaning or expression, an unknown or unimportant person or thing. Yep, pretty much sums up this whole song, Enjoy =)
Life To The Fullest
Dancy, Trancy, whatever you call it, I find this song pretty cool and so should you =)
Walking In The Rain
This one is kinda cool, nice and calm, kinda the opposite to most of my songs, Anways Enjoy =)
This is probably my shortest song ever. This was kinda rushed as well, that's because I couldn't really add any more to it, but I guess you could add in support as you always do, Enjoy =)
Nothing At All
This is the last of my slow 4, this one was rushed as well because I wasn't to fond about it, I don't know about you though....
Hi. I'm sort of a dj music maker. My name is Gary, My new dj name is Dj Mercury. (My old dj name use to be Dj Gazza) I'm a one man band.
Band/artist history
I've made over 100 songs now but that's nothing really. I've been on a pirate radio station which unfortunately nobody was listening to. I started making music in late 2004 in september when Dj Nebula introduced me to Dance eJay 2+. Ever since then I haven't stopped loving music and the way it is made. It has really changed my life.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I never play live. I don't have the equipment.
Your musical influences
I have some from eJay: Dj Nebula (Dj Marky), SNT (ScratchNTrance), Dj Carlos, MasterTNQ, Dj Slow, djstoltz, Tranceboy all sorts.
What equipment do you use?
I like making all types of songs with: Dance eJay 6(Which I use now), Dance eJay 2+, Techno eJay 3-Ibiza, Dance eJay 5, HipHop eJay 5, Dance eJay 3 and Techno eJay 4(I love T4) I'm starting a collection now, oh and my trusty computer now upstairs =D.
Anything else?
Well my favourite show is Invader Zim. I've got a whole 6 hour tape of it and other programmes. INVADER ZIM ROCKS!!!!!! GIR!!!!! Yep I still like them even though it has been over two years since a made those tapes. -------------------------------------------------------- Songs coming soon: more Fruity Loops songs, hopefully and more Dance eJay songs, if I feel like it =) -------------------------------------------------------- My top 10 most favourite Dj songs: 1. My 2nd Face - Dj Carlos. 2. We are the new Generation - MasterTNQ feat Aero11. 3. Maius-X - MasterTNQ. 4. FootballHooligans - ScatchNTrance. 5. It's a Dream - Tranceboy. 6. World Of Hardcore - Defcon5. 7. Remember Me... - hornet. 8. More Than The Universe - MasterTNQ. 9. Tetris (Remix) - Psychic Element. 10. A.S.I.A. - Psychic Element. Also my top 10 most favourite songs (Excluding Dj's): 1. SOAD - Sugar. 2. SOAD - Psycho. 3. SOAD - Toxicity. 4. SOAD - Deer Dance. 5. SOAD - Suite Pee. 6. SOAD - Know. 7. Rammstein - Sonne. 8. Rammstein - Amerika. 9. SOAD - Chop Suey. 10. SOAD - Old School Hollywood. System of a Down and Rammstein are big musical influences to me, also they both ROCK! My MSN: gotchagary@hotmail.co.uk/ djmercury-gary@hotmail.co.uk
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