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2-SICC - I just wanna chill
Kick back, relax, and get on one to this. 2014. Chorus - 2-SICC Verse 1,2,3 - 2-SICC Instrumental - By my brother RTEE Song edited by - 2-SICC
2-SICC & Choppa Go-Rilla - Chilling in da hood
Chilling in da hood! 1st verse:2-SICC 2nd verse:Choppa Go-Rilla Chorus:2-SICC & Choppa Go-Rilla
2-SICC & Choppa Go-Rilla - Smoke it now
New joint! smoke to this! Instrumental produced by my brother RTee. Song edited by me. Chorus: Choppa Go-Rilla & 2-SICC 1rst verse: Choppa Go-Rilla 2nd verse: 2-SICC 3rd verse: Half verses Listen, Download, Like, & Share!
2-SICC Feat.Brenda - Hardtimes
Instrumental produced by my brother RTee. Song edited by 2-SICC.
A.P Feat.2-SICC - Beloved Enemy
Something like the Westside Story. Instrumental by my brother RTee. Song edited by A.P. 1rst verse - A.P 2nd verse - 2-SICC Chorus - A.P
Posted Up In Oakland (Twista-Fire Remix/Cover)
Tonny Thong (Born January 11, 1987), better-known by his stage name 2-SiCc, is an Asian-American rapper from Oakland, California. Raised by two parents that are immigrants from Cambodia,who took refuged in America in 1980, after escaping a war torn/genocide Cambodia during the rule of a communist party called the "Khmer Rouge". 2-SiCc was the first child of four. While living in the project housing of Oakland with his family during his childhood days, he had a tough time getting along with fellow Oakland natives, due to the fact he was the only Asian in the neighborhood, or at school. His parents were new to the country at the moment, so seeing, breathing, and living in the ghetto slums of Oakland was hard for them to get used to. But as time passed, his parents adapted to life in Oakland, after years of no knowledge of how things works around the U.S.A. By the age of thirteen, 2-SiCc became interested in becoming a rapper, after watching a rap battle T.V show on "HBO" called "Blaze Battle". New to recording, he only knew how to record from cassette radios. After becoming so obsessed with rapping, his urge to create better qaulity music, was to purchased a desktop computer with a microphone input. Still a minor, he wasn't able to buy a computer worth more than a thousand dollars. So he decided to beg his mother and father to buy him a computer. While begging his parents to buy a computer became a success, 2-SiCc started to learn how to record using, a usb headset with a microphone attached, along with a free recording software programs called "Cool Edit Pro". He was recording his raps, on instrumentals, from his musical group influence, "Bone Thugs-N-Harmony".After two to three years dropping mixtape tracks, 2-SiCc decided it is time to start rapping on original instrumentals. He then, made a move to pruchased real studio equipments, such as a condenser microphone, and a mixer to power his microphone. Not knowing that his cousin, name "Boy" produced beats from a program called "Fruityloops", he decided to get his beats from his cousin. Due to the lack of beats producing fast from his cousin "Boy", his brother Randy Thong, the second oldest of 2-SiCc's family, was interested in learning how to produce beats. This urged Randy Thong to study from their cousin "Boy", to learn how to produce beats from "Fruityloops". After 2-SiCc's brother Randy Thong learned how to use "Fruityloops" to produce beats, the era of 2-SiCc and Randy Thong's collaboration started. Randy Thong was also influenced by "Bone Thugs-N-Harmony" so his beats were really mellow, and soothing. This drove 2-SiCc to switch his style into fast rapping, with a little bit of harmonizing in his raps. As years passed, 2-SiCc found himself in High School, at Oakland High School in Oakland, California, where he met and formed a rap group called "Hazardous Thugz" with local Vietnamese rapper J-Poverty, and local Cambodian rapper "Baby Droopy". As a member of "Hazardous Thugz" 2-SiCc dropped a few hits such as "Sextacy" featuring his female cousin "Davan" and another track called "Turn it up" produced by J-Poverty's friend name "Dirty Rice". After a couple of years of working together as "Hazardous Thugz", 2-SiCc then, left the group to form his own label called "C-Side Productions" where he and his younger brother Randy Thong, would once again collaborate, after a few years of not working toether, due to the fact 2-SiCc was a member of "Hazardous Thugz". With C-Side Productions as 2-SiCc's main focus, he started laying down tracks with his cousin "Baby-9". Until he met, former Junior High School friend Tan Trinh, also known as "TanibaL" who also had his own rap group called "GookstaZ", with his older brother "Vudoo" and cousin "Bighead". Not knowing that TanibaL also raps, 2-SiCc was surprise to hear some of his work, and decided to form his label, "C-Side Productions" with TanibaL's "GookstaZ productions". From then on, the "2-SiCc & TanibaL" collaboration started, where they both dropped a hit album called "Gook And Cambo Soup" on July 4th, 2006. The "Gook And Cambo Soup" album was an internet sensation, with hit tracks like "As life pass by ,Mary Grapes and etc". Since the forming of C-Side Productions and GookstaZ Productions, 2-SiCc and the GookstaZ performed in various clubs,lounges, and bars. In late December, TanibaL was arrested for felony, and was sentenced to 4 years in prison. With the loss of his right hand man in music, 2-SiCc went solo once again, with his brother at his side to produce his beats. Even though TanibaL was locked down at the moment, 2-SiCc till this day still associate with the other GookstaZ member which is Vudoo and Bighead. Solo once again, 2-SiCc started dropping more hits, starting from "Late night Cruising" featuring his female cousin Davan, and a big collaboration with internet rap star "Mac G" from Fresno California with a track called "Struggles". This has led 2-SiCc to be heard furthermore through the internet. As of right now, 2-SiCc is still working solo with his brother to produce beats at his helm. While taking care of two kids, and living life with his wife, he is still pushing music weekly, and daily. 2-SiCc also drop a lot of tracks with a close and fellow friend from Seattle, Washington named "Sam Kim" who go by the stage "Scarfoe". 2-SiCc, as a rapper, is open for any collaboration today, and is willing to expand his music career further. The era of the underground rapper and internet sensation 2-SiCc is still rising as of today.
Your musical influences
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, R&B, ETC.
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