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Clay Rock
Clay Rock
2 Tracks
WWW.CLAY ROCK.NET West Coast-Original- An Experience-Unique-Hot-Annointed-Flavorful-Hardcore-Infectious- Above the Average
'California' feat. Clayton
Peak in sub-genre #28
Off My Chest
Peak in sub-genre #22
CLAY ROCK- Raw and original. Hard core Jesus rap with smash mouth lyrics of truth and rocking choruses that make a call to holiness and brag on how awesome GOD is! Check it out. You'll be glad you did.
Band/artist history
Started 9 years ago. Won a competition the prompted me to continue with gospel music. I purchased studio equipment and a keyboard and started doing it for real. Several albums later I'm still here lifting up the name of Jesus and always looking for opportunities to blow up and do more.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play all over California and I pray for the Lord to give me opportunites to personally take His gospel message to other states and countries. I love to play live. The studio is great, but there is nothing like connecting with fans, saved and unsaved folks in the crowd. Specifically, I am overjoyed & accomplished every time someone gives their life to Jesus through my ministry of singing and preaching!
Your musical influences
Who? Early influences were Gospel Gangstas, NuWine, Prime Minister, and John Rueben. Newer would just be good lyrical content and wordplay. And anything with good rock in it. Of course only Christian. I do not condone, listen to, buy, or promote secular music. It would be a big contradiction if I did, not to mention a nasty sabotage of Christian music.
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha workstations and Apple products are what I currently make my beats on. Fostex workstations and Apple products are what I do my recording, mixing and mastering with.
Anything else?
Visit my web site to find out about the Clay Rock ministry and more. You can also support the ministry if you choose by purchasing a cd or t-shirt. Thanks for stoppin' by, I know your busy! www.clayrock.net www.myspace.com/clayrock www.cdbaby.com/all/clayrock