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Mike D. James
A dude with a guitar who does blues, rock, folk, humor, country, pop, you name it, if I like it I write it. If you like Jack Johnson, Frank Sinatra, John Denve
1 songs
68 plays
Mr. Pajama Man
A humorous song I wrote as a tribute to those who follow the tradition of wearing PJ's everywhere...It could be you!
I write music so other people can enjoy it. I enjoy it too, but if you're the only one that likes it, it doesn't really matter. :D So gather 'round the coffee table and pull out your guitar...
Band/artist history
I used to play electic bass for an orchestra in high school, fooled around with keyboard for a few years, picked up the guitar and started writing down the music I'd been mentally writing for years.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play live at the moment. I'm currently living down in Puerto Vallarta, picking up some new sounds and adding some rythyms...
Your musical influences
Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, Jack Johnson, 60's and 70's pop.
What equipment do you use?
A guitar, amp, and a computer.
Anything else?
Anything goes! It's all good! Carpe Diem!
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