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What can I say... All this stuff that you hear was written on my computer with a buncha different programs, but we wont get into the specifics of that, after all we are musicians & music lovers, not computer nerds (right?) I hope to one day very soon be part of a live act working with other producers & incorperating real intruments into my music in a real studio capable of capturing more of a variety of musical noises than just a computer.
Band/artist history
I love music with all of my being. So I decided to write my own one day when I was about 14... First with guitar then piano & keyboard, then synths & computer programs starting with Rebirth (remember that one?) & a couple Korg Electribes (which I regretably no longer have access to). When I was young I played violin, participated in chorus, & learned to play the recorder (which is a joke, i know) but for some reason, I never took well to any kind of lesson invloving music. I guess I was just not content with another persons intruction on how to use a musical instument.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Im not a DJ, but i do spin records and CDs & would be more than happy to spin some at a party forsomebody just for fun or maybe a few bucks, but right now, the music I make is just for cumputer speakers & car stereos (ill have a cd out real soon) I might be joining forces with other producers soon to form a live act & if that takes off, we will be performing maybe next year. Ill keep all posted on that.
Your musical influences
Anybody who has ever done anything unique. Bjork is one of my biggest influences because of the wide variety of musical resources she uses. Some others are Rabbit in the Moon, Tori Amos, Trent Reznor/NIN, Dieselboy, SquarePusher, Front Line Assembly/Delerium, Jackel & Hyde, the Postal Service, Sublime, Tool/A Perfect Circle, & lately, a local duo of producers going by the name of Aslam (thank you for the push)
What equipment do you use?
Fruity Loops, Wavelab, Cubase... Whatever else I can get my hands on that will acually work on my piece of a PC
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