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Platinum Status Superstars
Platinum Status Superstars
7 Tracks
Hip Hop Alternative, Hip HOp, Rap, Hip HOp General, Gangsta Rap, Urban, Rap & B, R&B
Truth or Dare
How G's Ride
Unsatisfied Feat- Crystal
Damn - Freestyle
Peak in sub-genre #68
Platinum Status Superstars (PSS) possess an arsenal like no other. Their sound is unique and in a category of it's own. They combine Rap,Hip-Hop,Rap&B, and true MC-ing. Emerging from the hot bed of Houston, Texas, they are setting presidence and bringing a new sound to the rap scene. They are not out to change the game, but to add a new dimension to it. One listen, and it speaks for itself. From the melodic, well-crafted ballads, to the hip-hop grooves. Mix the energy, character, hunger, passion, pain, fantasy, fun, and street into the gumbo, and you have the ingredients for legends in the making. They combine catchy hooks and bridges, fire 16's, and "A" Game production, all well arranged, to create success.The story as told through the eyes of two street savy young cats. Both born in Houston, Texas, they have been friends since the 6th grade. The first group member Kartier, has been doing music since early childhood and working with well known acts based out of Louisiana and Texas before signing to Platinum Globe Entertainment. Now he is set up to be a Super Producing force in the industry for years to come. Meanwhile, God's Gift was busy doing Mischief in the streets until persuaded by Kartier to pick up a mic for the first time after hearing him rhyme before his junior year in high school, and in the four years since they created the group Platinnum Status Superstars, his rough edges have become silky smooth and he is prepared to be mentioned in the same breath with his song writing, as some of the same people he has admired over the years. Their musical influences include Jay-Z and Tupac among others. Their music is mainstream American, and Platinum Global. Whatever you prefer musically; from the club to laid back, and even throwing in outside musical elements here and there. They are not afraid to be new, and their wide ranging and expressive lyrics can be both fun and heart-felt. PSS lights up the stage whenever they grace it. Their latest LP, "The Moment of Truth" was recorded in Houston, TX. They simply have "IT". They experimanet with musical styles including Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, and sometimes what we call "Rap-&-B", as well as a few tastes of rock. They continue to evolve both as artists, producers, songwriters, and performers; as they continue to work towards imprinting their own unique style on the game. Be onthe lookout for their new album which is scheduled for release by years end. The Platinum Status Superstars motto is,"No one-hit and done, reach for longevity, and strive to be the best." They are building the foundation for an everlasting career.
Band/artist history
Real Name: Chris Williams Stage Name: Kartier Birthplace: Houston, TX Ive been rappin for 9 years and love to produce tracks. I grew up listening to Kris Kross and 2Pac. When I turned 14 rap became very important to me and I formed a group under a label called Jam Tight Records. The groups name was 1st Born, it didnt work. Then I formed a new group at 16 called, Platinum Status. I met Eric and LaBryant in 10th grade; we were the perfect team. Eric wrote the hooks, LaBryant wrote the lyrics, and I produced the tracks. I admire producers like Timbaland, Dr. Dre, The Neptunes, Lil John, and Mannie Fresh. I was made for this rap game. Name: Eric Troy Johnson Jr. Rap Name: Young Boss Birthplace: Houston, TX I have been rapping since I was 12 years old and grew up on the North East Side of Houston, Texas. I have been seriously rapping with Platinum Status Superstars for a little over a year now. Writing all the catchy hit hooks is the qualities that I bring to the group. I admire Russell Simmons for what he has been able to accomplish in this industry and P. Diddy for making music for everyone. I respect Master P. above all because I see him as being exactly what I am when he was younger. He is a survivor, so am I. Right now I am trying to make money the right way and trying to make all of my dreams come true.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we are starting to promote our upcoming album and we started out in Louisiana at "The Venue," in Houston at TSU "concert hall" area clubs, etc. Yes, we like it alot. It is what we have been striving to do for a long time.
Your musical influences
We are influenced by artist's such as Master P., P. Diddy, Cash Money, Dr. Dre, and others (under band history). Also, not only for their accomplishments as artists but as C.E.O.'s of their own labels including Russell Simmons.
Anything else?
We are from the South (Houston, Texas) and we are the hottest teen rap group to come out of the South since Cash Money's "Hot Boys." When you think of Houston, you think of the rap style called "screwed," but we are hear to say that we have a NEW STYLE of music not only for the South but also for the WORLD.
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