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boxcutter know1edge
7 Tracks
revolutionary, street&book-smart hardcore rap.. dirty drumz, cold synth keyz, and sick samples.. represent the 502, louisville kentucky...
boxcutter know1edge.. reppin 502, aka the viLLe, aka derby city, aka vice city.. louisville kentucky for the slow learners.. who we are: illogicz-rhymez&beats diGz-rhymez&ideas revolutionary mentality, stuck in this hopeless reality.. our muzik reflects OUR struggle, and when i say "our", i mean all of us.. the desperate wunz, the 9-5ers, the hustlers, the single mothers, the hungry hip-hop junkies in the city, the yung world, the gods locked in the system, the freedom fighters across the planet.. all of us.. our audience is real people that appreciate real muzik.. by real, i mean something with emotion, something that comes str8 from the heart, something that speakz truth.. people feel us from the street to the campus, from the down south hedz to the east coast hedz, from the abstract to the underground.. holla back but listen first...
Your musical influences
too many to list all of 'em but here's some str8 off the top: backwoodz studioz, vordul mega, vast aire, el-p, nasir jones, cormega, mobb deep, wu-tang, killarmy, sunz of man, killah priest, black market milita, dead prez, blueprint, illogic, mf doom, madlib, 9th wonder, jedi mind tricks, common, the roots, mos def, talib kweli, mood, outkast, dungeon family, bob marley, peter tosh, funkadelic and parliament, gil scott heron, the last poets, curtis mayfield, sun ra, john coltrane, miles davis, jimi hendrix, pink floyd, etc, etc...
What equipment do you use?
the dr-202 drum machine.. alesis ion synthesizer.. cakewalk sonar 2.0.. just copped the asr-10 and am learning it.. and a $2 microphone...
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