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Dave Barnes
Dave Barnes
4 Top 10
9 Top 50
26 Tracks
Along with Spazz Katt and Friends
Today #78 in Blues General subgenre
The Chase
Peak in sub-genre #42
You Got Me Wondering
Peak position #3
The Blizzard
Peak in sub-genre #20
8 songs
As a BMI published songwriter, my music has charted the top ten on Soundclick.com and has been heard on the Dr. Lou Radio Show, based in Philadelphia. I write and perform Blues, Rock, Country and Jazz songs. I started playing as a bassist in southern California with a band of junior high friends, called The Moving Company. In high school, I switched to lead guitar in the band Katt. Katt once opened for the Seeds. I later played in the band Morning Road, which mainly played for high school dances and college parties. Recently I have been working and playing with Spazz Katt. Spazz Katt members are: myself, Jenn and Emily Barnes. The group was formed while both Jenn and Em were in high school. While growing up both girls constantly heard their Dad, me, playing guitar. One day Jenn decided she wanted to play Bass, and during a practice lesson, Em, blurted out I want to sing! Thus the beginning of Spazz Katt. On our first release, Hairball, we demonstrate our broad range of musical talents. From the slow blues of 4U to the light country of If I Fell, many favorites can be heard. Pounce, was written for our cat, Little Kitty, and is a popular dance song. Audiences enjoy jumping around to it's beat. Emily plays the flute on the instrumental Tundra, named after our dog who would leave a practice sessions when things weren't sounding the best. Hairball concludes with the nonsense song Mellow Spiders... Or maybe it makes sense to Jenn.. Currently I am recording blues songs, with the help of Emily, Denise (my wife), and her two daughters, Marie and Jen. Blue Collar Blues was written for all those times you just can't see going to work. Enjoy the music. Thanks!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes... I last played live with my daughters (Spazz Katt)a couple of months ago... I love to play live and am looking forward to doing so again soon.
Your musical influences
For a country songwriter my influences are a bit unconventional..... Eric Clapton, Steven Stills, Robben Ford... Maybe you can tell in the guitar tracks...
What equipment do you use?
I play a Paul Reed Smith whale blue custom 24 guitar...
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