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Jumping Windows
Jumping Windows
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Jumping Windows is a band of considerable talent, with songwriting prowess that ranks with the greats. Their debut album Belly of the Beast carries the torch of
The band "Jumping Windows" is based out of a little burg called Houma, Louisiana, which, incidentally, is home to several acclaimed and talented bands. In the vein of Dashboard Confessional, Marvelous 3, Smashing Pumpkins and the Beach Boys, "Jumping Windows" exists because of one guy with a vision. Brent Rhodes wrote and performed all of the songs on the band's debut release, an abstract concept album entitled Belly of the Beast to be released in November, 2005. The style of the music ranges from Beatles and Badfinger to Foo Fighters and Weezer. Their melodies are unforgettable, their lyrics profound. The unique vocal stylings certainly set "Jumping Windows" apart from the rest of the pack.
Band/artist history
Jumping Windows was founded by Brent Rhodes from Houma, Louisiana. Brent had been involved in the south Louisiana music scene since he was 15 years old. In the aftermath of the break-up of his previous band, in which he was a guitarist/singer, Brent amassed an incredible collection of unique songs. Brent realized that each song that was written were small parts of a larger story. Enamored with the idea of creating a concept album, Brent began recording the songs at Palm Street Studios in Houma. He tapped local talent to contribute to the album, including the venerable Nicky Rhodes, who engineered, mixed and mastered the album and the incredible drummers Troy Percle and Robbie Cournoyer. Armed with his arsenal, Brent recorded an album that is truly amazing. The band will begin touring in January of 2006.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
CD Release and Tour Dates will be announced soon.
Your musical influences
Brent's musical influences range from early 70's power pop like Badfinger, ELO, Big Star, as well as newer acts such as Weezer, Foo Fighters, Enuff Z'nuff, Butch Walker and Jellyfish.
Anything else?
The new CD entitled "Belly of the Beast" will be released in November, 2005. Track listing: 1. Jumping Windows 2. Radio Friendly 3. Goodbye to the Good Things 4. Last Island 5. Celebrity Blue 6. Universe 7. Midnight Sun 8. Get Closer 9. Pain of Plain 10.Difference
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