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Steele Hart
Wilmington, NC  USA
September 28, 2005
10,036 plays
The Steele Hart sound is inspired by American, British and French recording artists.
Band/artist history
Steele Hart began songwriting and producing music around the turn of the century while living in France. Compilations produced are: Transient Ambition (who knows how many more?) - future concept album Fox Harbor (11 Originals - 1 Cover) Copyright 2018 (pending) Babyboom (11 Originals) Copyright 2013 La Maison Bleue (9 Originals - 1 licensed Pink Floyd cover) Copyright 2006 Chic in the Rain (4 Originals) Copyright 2001 "Chic in the Rain" was produced in late July 2001 after a few years of songwriting while living in France. This amateur demo of 4 songs marked the beginning, and an inspiration to continue songwriting after moving to the coast of Carolina in 2001. "La Maison Bleue" was produced between July and November 2006 on a just a little 4-track recorder representing over 6 years of songwriting. This compilation was posted exclusively on SoundClick.com in late December 2006 and available to the public on the internet for the first time. "Babyboom" is Steele Hart's second full length compilation with 11 original songs spanning over 7 years of songwriting and home studio producing. The compilation also feature an amazing rendition of the Oasis song, "Half the World Away" with Olivier Hallereau on lead vocals, recorded June 2000 in Pornic, France adding several layers of the Steele Hart sound instruments between 2007 and 2011. This album was produced, mixed and mastered using Mixcraft 5 recording software and released in its entirety on Soundclick.com in 2011. Several songs from this compilation have already been posted including "From Here", "Belle Mer", "Round 'n Round in Circles" (co-written by Andy Clay) and "A Perfect Fifth". Steele Hart songs can be downloaded for a modest $0.25 or if you really like any of them, simply e-mail steelehart@live.com, and the .mp3 of the song you want will be sent to you at no cost. The "Babyboom" compilation is also available on CD with a professional, made in USA, CD booklet for $15.00. On the CD version, there will be bonus tracks of Steele Hart music that has never been posted on the Internet.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Recent Mini-Gigs (Opening for the Men in Black band): August 21, 2015: The Deck at River Twist - Jamestown, NC October 10, 2015: Mac's Tavern - Cary, NC October 17, 2015: The Deck at River Twist - Jamestown, NC September 30, 2017: Mac's Tavern - Cary, NC November 18, 2017: Mac's Tavern - Cary, NC November 24, 2017: Private Party - Ocean Isle, NC March 3, 2018: Mac's Tavern - Cary, NC Full Length Gigs (5:30pm - 8:30 pm) March 7, 2018: Havana's - Carolina Beach, NC March 28, 2018: Havana's - Carolina Beach, NC August 12, 2018: Havana's - Carolina Beach, NC Other Wilmington, NC area venues where Steele Hart is negotiating for Spring/Summer 2018 gigs: Niche Kitchen & Bar (Wilmington, NC) Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar (Wilmington Beach, NC)
Your musical influences
There are so many, but here's a short list: David Gilmour, Steve Howe, Paul McCartney, Glenn Frey, Michael Stipe & Mike Mills of R.E.M., Tom Petty, Billy Joel, Jackson Browne, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz and John Mayer.
What equipment do you use?
C.F. Martin Road Series DRS2 Acoustic Guitar. Ovation Celebrity Acoustic & Ephiphone EN-546 Acoustic (Classical) Guitars Fender Stratocaster & Telecaster Electric Guitars Rogue Violin, Fender Jazz and Washburn Taurus Bass Guitars Sound Recordings on "Chic in the Rain" & "La Maison Bleue" used Yamaha Multitracker (MD4) "Babyboom" used both Yamaha Keyboards, MD4 & Mixcraft 5 Recording Software. Shure dynamic and AKG condenser microphones are used exclusively on all recordings.
Anything else?
Steele Hart's next compilation, "Fox Harbor", will be a tribute to where he is from with a little "southern accents" thrown in.
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