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Imagine Bach posing as an Indie Singer/ Songwriter, fusing epic orchestral sweeps with raw Indie sensibility. Partly from Scandinavia, Mute stand for Style, Sop
Imagine Bach posing as an Indie Singer/ Songwriter, fusing epic orchestral sweeps with raw Indie sensibility. Partly from Scandinavia, Mute stand for Style, Sophistication and Originality. They strive to look as good as they sound. Combining the Indie elements of drums and guitar with the classical cello and piano, mute are taking retro to a whole new level! Mute are sophisticated Indie with Glam, Glitz and Style.
Band/artist history
Originally based in Copenhagen / Roskilde, Denmark, Mute started out in November 2003 as a solo side project of Karim Theilgaard. The idea was to strip away all the excess layers of a rock band and cut to the core of things, to focus on the intimacy and emotional expression of a song. Initially, Karim enlisted the help of former music schoolmate, Mette Themsen to aid him in bringing out the character and sound of his musical idea. With Karim on guitars and lead vocals and Mette supplementing on piano and backing vocals, the pair recorded the single "The Escape Artist" in November 2003 to coincide with Mute's first performance in the same month in front of an 800-strong crowd in London. Overwhelmed with positive feedback, the two decided to go for it seriously and Mute went from being merely a side project to attain their main focus. The next 3 months were spent writing new songs (and partying) and it was during this time the third member, Anne Charlotte, joined the band on cello. A number of songs were written and preparations for the band's inaugural concert took place. This was also to be the first performance in the band's home country of Denmark. After the first concert the band, emboldened by the wave of praise following their performance, embarked on a series of concerts ranging from large open-air festival gigs to small, intimate venues across Denmark receiving further encouraging mention. Which also paved the way for many a back stage party The time was now ripe for further recordings to be put out and so in August 2004 the band holed up in Libertine Studios in Roskilde to record the fresh wave of songs that were released in September 2004. In October the band took the drastic step of moving their HQ to swinging London where a new high-profile gig was already set for November. Over the next couple of months Karim immediately set about hunting down useful contacts and spreading the name about. It was during this time he met Simon who had also recently moved to London. Being an accomplished drummer (who had a drum kit no less!), Simon was up for the challenge of joining an accomplished band (actually, he was a bit bored and thought, "why not?"). They booked themselves some studio time near the infamous Tin Pan Alley Studios in the musical center of London, off the aptly named Denmark Street. Home away from home. One evening, after consuming copious amounts of Budvar, the two thought, "This ain't half bad, let's go to Copenhagen for the New Year and try it as a band!" Excellent. During the weeks surrounding New Year's Eve, Mute gathered for an intensive spell of rehearsing (and partying), recording (and partying), plus the odd bit of partying Having sparked interest from producer/ manager of the famous Neverland Recording Studios he, along with a select few, was invited for a showcase that, surprise surprise, ended in yet more wild partying. This secret gig cemented the mutual sentiment of being a band on the way up. During the time in Copenhagen a rough spark was found which is now well on the way to being honed and polished. Currently, plans are being made to record an EP over the summer in London with Michael Nielsen producing. More on this in the near future
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We will play live anywhere that's cool and got a good vibe to it. Be it a small, dusty bar or a large outdoor festival.
Your musical influences
Damien Rice, Audioslave, Muse, Placebo, classical, Tom Mcrae, radiohead.
Anything else?
I'll take a large Carlsberg with that, thank you!