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coma the legend
coma the legend
35 Tracks
heavy hittin beats, with a lyrical assault
myspace.com/liveanddirekt Clayton Delaney started hiphop around 2002 under the name Coma The Legend and since then has made quite the impression in arizonas local scene. Not just in hiphop but in hardcore and metal scenes as well. He has released 3 full length albums and one e.p., the 1st being "Bad Dreamz" which only 500 copies were made and sold out the 1st week under his own label Session 9 Entertainment. The second album being "The Legend" which was also released under Session 9 Entertainment and was given out at shows and on the internet for free. which you can still download for free at soundclick.com/comathelegend. After his release of "The Legend" He signed to a local label called sindikate productions, then shortly after, went to another label called Real Life Felons Productions Where he went on to make His 3rd and final album as Coma The Legend calling it "A Beautiful Kind Of Violence" Shortly after the recording of the album he left Real Life Felons Productions and it was never released. However that did not stop him from making his 5th and upcoming album under Clayton Delaney which will also be released under Session 9 Entertainment.
Band/artist history
punk rock: wasted duration, diversion hardcore: undertheglass hiphop/rap: coma the legend, p.o.e., prideland ridaz
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i do play live shows, mainly at local arizona venues, but hoping to expand and tour eventually in the near future. yes i love to play live.
Your musical influences
well my musical influence is really all a reflection of my life, but ocassionally ill be influenced about what happens around me in others lives as well.
What equipment do you use?
i use alot of different equipment, like shectre guitars, korg, reason, alesis, sonar, boss, and a few other things
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