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Memories in Texas
Dance-Pop that will change how your head works.
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Online Romance
a true story...we swear
2 kids with no friends. Jon and Jake. Jon wrastles and Jake plays music... but in all setriousness, they're a pretty tight ass band (tight assed is good...it means tthey're straight). Combining a whole mess of influences, both musical and otherwise, they have comprised a band unlike no other. It started out in a tiny town called Lancaster: Jake-asaurus Rex was coming off a long string of injuries and one-shot bands who never made it and extinction of his entire species. He was tired and alone in the world and met a gigantic wrestlin' foot ballin' super hero named Jon-o-bot, who would later become the sex appeal of this here group. They decided it would be fun, rather than destroy cities godzilla style or save damsels in distress Super Man style, to start a band like no other. Jake-asaurus- Rex had extensive knowledge in the music business, by playing in bands, so he could make the music. Jon-o-bot knew how to talk and could formulate a singin voice, so he would be the voice and sex appeal of Memories in Texas. They needed a name for their band. The town of Texas had specific meaning to both of the beings, because they had done monumental things there...most of which they wish not to talk about. So there was the name: memories in texas. the rest is history my friends.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live in everyone's hearts, especially when you listen to our music.
Your musical influences
Hellogoodbye, Panic! At the Disco, The Postal Service
What equipment do you use?
Apple G4 Powerbook, M-Audio MIDI keyboard, CUbase, Garage band
Anything else?
we love blow jobs.
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