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Hi,I'm the CEO of helleva Produtions. Our company makes hits songs for people in the music industry.We have a large selection of beatz to choose from.. Right know we have a beat cd that is out right now doing well. If you or a friend is trying to do a banging demo or mixed tape you must have this cd.. Our cd contains 16 beatz. Each beat is selling for $1 each. 16 beatz for $16. If you buy today get a $6 discount...and pay $10 for 16 beatz.. Thanks enjoy.
Band/artist history
Helleva productions started in 2003, When Chad aka Dj Mastermind of hiphop band Esoteric7 started to produce for the band on the side with partner ronnie aka gbug of esoteric7.After working with top producers in the I.E. such as LoLo Automatic of hit switch music, Dj Stealth of beatology music, Coo b, ignite the fire produtions, Chris harris of cream o beatz productions, fingazz of streetlight productions and west side bug gave Chad inspiration to take his passion to the next level. Chad got his name Mastermind from dj friends and emplyees at his local guitar center in san bernadino, by showing them his god given gift to dj and produce the way no other could. He worked for 2 years and learned almost everything you needed to know about pre and post production. Mastermind then moves on to ucla where he attended recording courses so he could live up to his name. On his journey of being a mastermind, he has had the opportunity to work with will smith, battle cat, fingazz, Travis Barker of (Blink182) dj rectangle, dj j-rocc (fat beatz) tyrese gibson, mista grime,jayo felony, kmg (above the law) and many others. Helleva productions is taking the west coast by storm with their undenyable beatz and productions, and plan to continue creating that new west coast sound that we will all grow to love and respect. Helleva Produtions is now a team of mastermindz that make helleva what it is today. Chad aka Mastermind, Carlos aka LOLO Automatic, Christian aka posome, Freddy aka kool whip, ronnie aka gbug, Duke aka nukem and X aka sunny jones.The most humbling person you will ever meet in your lifetime. Will always remain true to everyone I come in contact with, Hope they do the same. Meeting me just might change your life. Who I'd like to meet: any and everyone that loves to do music and that are not afraid to network with others. Not leaving out Celebs,managers,Producers,Rappers,Singers,Actors,and last but not least INVESTERS...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we play live, its great.The time I fell of stage because I was so wasted.
Your musical influences
The lord and parents the most.. otis redding,sam cooke, stevie wonder,smokey ,luther,and many others.. touch my soul and gave the will to make great music for people that don;t have anything other than hope.
What equipment do you use?
MPC2000XL,Triton,Motif6,reasons,nuendo and turntables..
Anything else?
All my music lovers please leave your comments before you leave. Much luv.. Mastermind
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