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Donnie Vyros
Donnie Vyros
Pensacola, FL  USA
September 20, 2005
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Hello everyone. This is MR.DV commin atcha. This is my second music page. These are my older tracks. You can read information pertaining to the songs along with a few other bonuses on my other page. Thanks for your time and enjoy!
Band/artist history
I began making my own music (programming) in 2001 and over time it has led to what you hear today. Right now it's all software based, but I do have plans on making the move into hardware fairly soon! A side goal I have is to learn how to do the lighting & effects for live performances. I already have a fairly decent grasp on the wiring of a multiple speaker system. Since I am now operating on a system with a 4t/2s ratio (much like in a car). And have done the work on two of my previous vehicals.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've done a few spots and am no stranger to stage or performance (beginning with signing for special events as far back as elementary school). Practice can become tedious and I don't think I will ever fully get over the pre-show anxiety, but once I'm in my zone feeling the flow that anxiety transforms into one of the greatest rushes one can feel short of skydiving.
Your musical influences
Artist-wise, there are way too many to name offhand. For the styles that induce inspiration in me presently are as follows- Funk, Gaelic/celtic, Old skool Hip-hop, Disco, House, Classical, Progressive (instrumental only) Rock, & some Industrial.
What equipment do you use?
My computer and various programs. - Currently are Magix Music Maker 2005, Cakewalk's Kinetic, Ejay's Techno & Mix Station 3, Fruity Loops 5, Acid 5. - Soon to check out Cubase & Reason!
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