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London based unsigned 5 piece rock outfit; splattered with guitar shades of The Cult and a dollop of 'Jack Daniels' vox that go down better than a ladyboy in R
"cool as f$ck swaggering rock musika" London based 5 piece rock band; splattered with guitar shades of The Cult and a dollop of 'jack daniels' vox, kicking more dents in the unsigned scene than your dad's old Ford Cortina. We write ballsy upbeat rock n roll and the odd moody slow ballady number thrown in like a drowining kitten.
Band/artist history
Peter Hackshaw (vox) & Dean Ford (guitar) met at college. Pete dropped out. Tony (drums) went to school with Pete and they formed a band with a couple more drinking pals... they bought a rusty VW camper to get around with and Retrofin was born. Gig after gig after gig has followed with lots of rock n roll antics going on/off all over the shop, including a night on thai rice whiskey (with magic mushrooms in it) and one fan getting the Retrofin name tattooed on her hip. In 2006 Wez Woodward (Lead Guitar) joined after learning his trade at a top guitar school in Los Angeles, and mad reggae loving bassist Al Twist who has made his name as a session man previously. the rest is being written...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
All the time, mainly London (Dublin Castle, The Garage, Turnmills, Brixton Telegraph etc), couple of road trips now and then (Liverpool Cavern Club etc) have played a couple of University gigs and a London Fashion Show.
Your musical influences
Billy Idol, no nonsense upbeat rock music, Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Cult, Primal Scream, Guns n Roses, Stereophonics, RHCP, QOTSA, Johnny Cash, INXS, Stevie Nicks, crazy frontmen, arrogant swaggering tyrants with attitude....
What equipment do you use?
Les Paul Standards, Marshall amp, Hughes and Ketner Valve head.
Anything else?
we have thongs with 'slut' written on
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