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classic rock, psychadelic, instrumental, new age, guitar, solo, Bitchin', the best, positive vibes, meditation, mellow, alternative, experimental...
Fate's A Nasty Boy..." Who Plays A Shining, Yet Sinister, Black And Azure Blue Guitar...And thoroughly enjoys to manipulate and tease any tone or chime into such a fervant frenzy, that quite often the harmony may forget that it has only just begun the prelude into foreplay.... And so, with a relentless passion, and unyielding drive, the eager fingers of Fate go exploring...Upon, and Around, Over and Throughout, Within and Around, desparetly seeking out each and every softened cresendo, and against all of the wanton cries of desire from the urgent tempo, He will still, while keeping perfect time, refrain just long enough, for the defenseless melodies, to reach the previously unknown, and unbelievable hieghts of pure extascy, the beat of which, upon penetration, explodes into such violent chorus that would make an Angel cry, to behold such emotion come flooding forth from strings of a mere mortal... And lastly, out of sheer exhaustion, the tingling and shaking of the accompaniment begin to relax and slowly fade from hearing, while Fate, With a few more harmonically tender kisses, flutters on to the next flower in the garden, ready to pollenate yet another beautiful, yet, out of tune, creation...
Band/artist history
Have you performed in front of an audience?
When I play, I play live, yes... I very much prefer it to playing sober...Certainly. Every moment is Magical...
Your musical influences
Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, John McLaughlin, Carlos Santana, Robin Trower, George Harrisson, Paul McCartney (but dont tell him that...), Eric Clapton...and a few others that although not remembered are certainly not forgotten...
What equipment do you use?
I play a Yamaha SGB1000, a Fender Strat., and a Gibson SG, among others... When its working right, I run my guitar through a GNX1 processor, into a Peavy Basic 112 bass amp (just cuz I like the sound,ok?), and when im playing the bass guitar, I usually play a G&L, but I do have a Fender Jazz Bass, and a B.C.Rich, which, I will usually run through the GNX1 and then into a Peavy Studio Pro 112 guitar amp,(cause i like the sound)...And when Im recording I usually record with a $5.00 Kareoke machine that i found at a thrift store...
Anything else?
I have a few really good friends/fans around the country that ive met through the internet...Some of the best people in my World, And I am planning on meeting them all, in person, before i die...You wanna join the list?...
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