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Pregnant Prom Queen
Pregnant Prom Queen
6 Tracks
I'm the Max Hardcore of alternative rock... which means I kick ass... then pee on you
Pregnant Prom Queen is one guy because nobody else wants to play what I play (probably because it sucks). I tried to go for "folkcore", and failed miserably. Plus, I'm really lazy. So you'd probably have to wait, like, a month for me to post a new song. And no matter how much you beg and implore, I can't work any faster on my Nick-tastic compositions. I'm sorry. Just get over it, sassy. I mean, FRICK! I'm not even editing out this old stuff about being in school. I'm just adding on. How lazy is that shit? It's like how a lot of people on the internet butt into an argument, but since they don't have a presentable case themselves, they point out some silly little grammatical error, thus dubbing them a moron just because they hit the wrong key at the wrong time once in their life. I mean, it's like WTF! The internet has been around a long time now, and nobody since the beginning of it has spelled anything right, and chances are, nobody is going to in the future either. Aren't you a bad enough dude to just accept it? Well, are ya, ...punk?
Band/artist history
No history, excluding my earlier project, Dainty Forks. But my old computer, which had all of those songs, crashed, fried, and I completely lost everything. After I quit sobbing, I decided to start anew with PREGNANT PROM QUEEN! Maybe I'll post the two songs I was able to save... (uh-oh! Suspense!)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, but I'm going to be in Beauty and the Beast at school! I play Monsieur D'Arque, a statue, a waiter, a crony, and the Beast's stunt double in the fight scene at the end! I get to die!
Your musical influences
Big Black, The Birthday Party, The Jesus Lizard, Swans, Violent Femmes, Suicide, The Meatmen, Theoretical Girls, The Ramones, The Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Scratch Acid, Butthole Surfers, The Fugs, The Bloodhound Gang, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Stephen Lynch and Nitzer Ebb.
What equipment do you use?
some Fender guitars, some bass I bought for $80, Jeskola Buzz for drums and some other crap and, of course, my strident talent. Oh, and I record with broken headphones jacked into my computer, with a shitty soundcard. How very ghetto of me. But since I've converted to the life of a gypsy bumming cable internet off of strangers, I've had to cut my resources dramatically.
Anything else?
If you actually like this music, you're probably weird. Oh, and Slint came from Kentucky. So... perhaps I'm hinting that there are a lot of good musicians from KY (excluding bluegrass, which is HARDLY music at all)... and except for me. Plus, I know that I probably sound nothing like the bands YOU must be a fan of, but don't let my unique style and originality intimidate you.
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