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No'am Newman
No'am Newman
Long time acoustic guitar strummer went electronic several years ago: these are some of my latest creations. I would like to call these songs "singer songwriter material with fully fleshed electronic arrangements", but that's quite a mouthful so I call them simply 'alternative'. The 'folktronic' material (traditional songs with electronic arrangements) have been moved to a page here on SoundClick called 'YMMV'. If there's anything that catches your ear, drop me a line.
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
Sometimes - but as an accompanying guitarist, not as an electronic musician
Your musical influences
I wish I knew. To my ears, there is virtually no influence from the music that I hear on the music that I make. Probably The Beatles were a great influence in terms of aesthetic and formal style. The music that I make has a classic sound, which is to say that it does not adhere to the current trends in sound; it is neither present nor past but simply personal.
What equipment do you use?
MIDI sequencer + Reason. 35 years experience playing the guitar.
Anything else?
A reasonably formal education in music theory (although not university level) both helps and hinders. It makes my music harmonically rich, which to my ears is a good thing but seems slightly anachronistic.