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Young Stroke aka Young Muscle
Young Stroke aka Young Muscle
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Eclectic, sophomoric, unpretentious crunk comedy rap for people with a sense of humor.
I've been wrecking mics since diapers! I went from strollers to trikes to bikes to Dodge Vipers! ALBUMS: Shaolin Krunk (2006) Dwankenstein 2007: The Hu$tle CHRONICles (Dwank Mob, 2007) MoneyQuest (Dwank Mob, 2008) Deuce BiggaFlow (2008) Unabashed Undaunted Unparalleled (2010) Alpha Male Rap (2010) The Greatest Rap Group of All Time (Dwank Mob, TBA) The Pink Album (TBA) Platinumb Dynasty (TBA)
Band/artist history
Well first adam met eve...then they had cain and abel..........met noah.....abraham was........roman empite...............then the....and..bubonic plague.....henry the 8th....robert e. lee met...the beatles...and then Young Stroke aka Young Muscle was born. Later in life he formed a soundclick site where he was typing this as we speak. He later went on to become a successful rapper/male gigolo/wedding crasher before marrying that hot girl who sits behind and to the right of him in his stat class. It was said that he died with a smile on his face, his last words..."Young Muscle wins Tussels like the Muscles from Brussels, Jean Claude van Damme...and like David Bowie says 'wham bam thank you ma'am'!"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The closest I ever came to performing live is singing in front of a few people on karaoke night lol!
Your musical influences
EVERYTHING I hear! If it makes me think, I will try and turn it into music. The way I rap is most influenced by screwed rap from Houston Texas, I guess because for the first few years I rapped I listened to a lot of screwed and chopped rap. Other artists who influence me would have to be Pimp Daddy Welfare, Andre Nickatina, Smoov-E, Rappy McRapperson, and a whole plethora of others.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio, mic, laptop!
Anything else?
PEEP ME ON THESE WEBSITES TOO!! myspace.com/youngstrokeakayoungmuscle myspace.com/youngstrizzlemusic myspace.com/dwankmob myspace.com/rebelnaked youtube.com/dwankmob
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