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ro - Music for the unrestricted mind. They play music not dressup. *** WWW.ROAE.US ***
01 Sunny little Number
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02 Feedback5
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03 Floyd
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04 Tabla
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THE REAL WEBSITE IS *** WWW.ROAE.US *** DON'T WAISTE YOUR TIME READING THE MUSIC IS THERE! ---> THE REAL WEBSITE IS *** WWW.ROAE.US *** 2/28/7 - Sorry I have retired from Music. 063006 - Chumps and Chumpettes, Sorry about disabling downloads, but all of my music is now only available at www.roae.us. They are all free and 192kbps mp3s. 062506 - New album "Quickeries" now up at roae.us ( http://roae.us/Quickeries.htm ) After uploading most of this album I now have 100 songs available for download here (more on my site). 060606 - Thanks to whomever downloaded almost all of my tracks yesterday. I hope you enjoy them! 050106 Page 10 of PHOTOS up at www.roae.us/Page%2010.htm 041806 - NEW ALBUM QUICKIES page up at http://roae.us/Quickies.htm ALSO ALL TRACKS SINCE 2002 ARE AVAILABLE *FREE* AS 192 BITRATE MP3S ON roAE.us ENJOY! 041206 - Whoever downloaded all of my tracks on the ninth, thanks! I hope you enjoy them. MP3s suck though. Let me know and I'll send you cds. 040906 - New Page up at roAE.us http://roae.us/pictures%2009.htm 040106 NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED BY KMR!!! THANKS REKEY *** WWW.ROAE.US ****** WWW.ROAE.US ****** WWW.ROAE.US ****** WWW.ROAE.US ****** WWW.ROAE.US ****** WWW.ROAE.US ****** WWW.ROAE.US *** 021206 - I am really glad you guys are downloading my music. Thanks, I appreciate it. New album in the works. Release date: APRIL 012306 - Whoever downloaded all my songs yesterday... thanks. I have more if you are interested. 102005 "I'll Quit When I'm Ready" Uploaded! Have fun. Here's a link to the album. http://www.pagodaproductions.com/roae/I'll%20Quit%20when%20I'm%20Ready.htm 101005 NEW ALBUM "I'LL QUIT WHEN I'M READY" DONE! RELEASE NEXT WEEK! EMAIL FOR PREORDER. PRICE $5. 092805 PAGE 8 (of photos) UP AT www.pagodaproductions.com/roae 091205 This new player is suckin up all my plays. If you have trouble 1.) email support@soundclick.com and let them know. OR 2.) Download the tracks. 090905 Thanks to whoever downloaded 70 songs! I'm glad you like them ehough to listen to them off line. 090105 Page 7 full of fun www.pagodaproductions.com/roae 080505 Page 6 of pictures are up on www.pagodaproductions.com/roae 071605 - Thanks to everyone who comes to this site and listens. Email if you like. Page 5 of pictures are up on www.pagodaproductions.com/roae 6.20.5 Thanks whoever downloaded all my songs yesterday. You missed two. 05/25/5 Hey everybody. I have been getting a lot of plays lately and I just wanted to say Thanks! I hope someone out there is enjoying this music. ALL SONGS NOW FREE FOR DOWNLOAD - SORRY! NEW WEBSITE UP THANKS TO KRIS REKERS! GO TO *** WWW.ROAE.US *** DON'T WAISTE YOUR TIME READING THE MUSIC IS THERE! ---> THANKS FOR LISTENING! OTHER PEOPLE YOU MAY WISH TO CHECK OUT: www.quiverofjasper.com (60s Garage) www.soundclick.com/KIDTV (ambient melodic music) .GO TO *** WWW.ROAE.US *** . . . . . . . . . . . .GO TO *** WWW.ROAE.US *** . . . . . . . ALL OF THE MUSIC ON THIS SITE IS VERY DIVERSE SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE A TRACK, TRY ANOTHER. . . . . . .GO TO *** WWW.ROAE.US *** . . . . . . . . .GO TO *** WWW.ROAE.US *** . . . . . . . . . .If you like any of these songs, E-mail for a free CD. . roAE.806@gmail.com . . . .GO TO *** WWW.ROAE.US ***
Band/artist history
It isn't important. But I will say that i got tired of the same old crap and I have an attention span of a tumble weed and the music reflects that. Now after 10,000 days of music, roughly 27 years, it is over.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Quiver of Jasper. We play some shit-kicking rockand roll all over the lexington area. (I play bass). Unfortunately roAE is just a musicmill.
Your musical influences
Quiver of Jasper, QUEEN, Jethro Tull, Return to forever, THE MUSIC MACHINE, Zappa, Tomahawk, mars volta, beatles, Cream, WEEN, Soft machine, LOVE, the Zombies, Giles Giles Fripp, Line47, Moby Grape, Thin Lizzy, Old Yes, Aphex Twin, Smashing pumpkins, Square pusher, King Crimson, 80s music, steely dan, primus, hatfield and the north, Tool, Mr. Bungle, PREFAB SPROUT, The Police, Zakhir Husein, Myself, Dave, blah blah...
What equipment do you use?
Guitar (fender strat, nylon classical, Alvarez 12 string) bass (Rogue Violin Bass, Fender P) drums (Ludwig kick and snare, sound vader hi hats, Paiste rock ride, wuhan splash) voice Cord (black)
Anything else?
I am therefore I need a purpose. I have no purpose therefore I am a musician.
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