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Arab Rap: This is h2Z, a palestinian Arab rapper/producer living in Lebanon. Palestinian rap 3arabi Downloads
h2Z - Ana Falastini - Im Palestinian
is always gonna be different for non to understand. ana falastini download from this page and this site only, i can understand why you want it, for free 3arabi new rap best h2Z - This is h2Z, a palestinain producer living in Lebanon. but you know that it never works but somethings do work, its all about freshness and new material, and since im in that race i always have to keep it fresh coz the arab world loves freshness raping best TO DOWNLOAD ALL THE OTHER SONGS DO THE FOLLOWING: Go to the music section found in the left menu, and when ur asked to LOG IN and you dont have an account plz use the following information email: h2zdownload@yahoo.com password: 12345678 This is the page of h2Z, a palestinian arab rapper/producer living in lebanon, he's as an unheard of underground rapper with alot to offer. h2Z is a one man show, he takes care of everything, the writting, the beat making, the recording and mastering, and finally the distribution and selling, in short, he has no support except for his fans and friends. so if you're looking for real palestinian and arabic rap, this is where you should start looking. h2Z's music is inspired by everything around him, not by what the money boys want to hear, this is a pure rap voice with an undistorted message, this is real undergound arab hiphop Contact me at : g_h2z@hotmail.com .
Band/artist history
h2Z, a Palestinian who lives in Lebanon, is one of the few rappers in the Middle East. He was born in Kuwait where he lived for four years. He then moved to Lebanon due to the gulf war. Inspired by the tragic events in his motherland, Palestine, and elsewhere, he started rapping in the eleventh grade. In the year 2004, his friend , a prolific Egyptian artist, introduced him to the art of beat making. Hence, H2Z got into the production business and started to produce beats alongside with rapping. And it made complete sense to him at the time that he should combine his beats and witty lyrics to produce what he likes... real rap music. This chain of events resulted in the h2Z we know today .
Have you performed in front of an audience?
the stage is amazing ! its like the closest you can get to the fans while performing, and after all these years i still feel axious when when i perform live. The challenge of being on stage is to get the fans fired up, yes they're there but they wont enjoy their time if im not enjoying myself up there and the opposite is true, so its a skill that all rappers need to learn at one point
Your musical influences
Old school rap, especially 2pac, and i was hugly infuenced by alot of 48's palestinian rappers when the Arab Rap movement was starting.
What equipment do you use?
Acid pro 4, Fruity Loops Studio, some cheap headphones, and a USB Mic
Anything else?
dont forget to tell your friends about this page. download the songs and make'em spread like cancer, i cant do it all by myself, and thats where people like you are needed. Help me spread the message !! Dont forget to visit Re2bal's Official site at: to listen to one of the most under rated MCs ever ! Peace and Love people ! Freedom is coming !!
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