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Dead Monroe
Dead Monroe
3 Tracks
Rock'n'roll, rock, punk. LOUD guitar music with attitude and melodies.
Dead Monroe are an electric shock to the faltering heart of British rock music. They exist to inject attitude, star quality and energy into a flagging scene. A trio in their early twenties from Essex, Dead Monroe are not interested in being just another credible but unknown act. Their ambitions are global. They want to sell records by the million. They play rock with sublime melodies, killer riffs and rock'n'roll rhythms, and they bleed punk rock attitude. And then there are the songsyes, this band have songs! At last, here is an act with tracks that are hooky, catchy, singable and perfect for radio; quality compositions, always with a dark, gritty edge. To top it all, the band look sharp three young, skinny guys with feather cuts and a sleek dress sense. Live, lead singer and bass player Justin, guitarist and backing vocalist Alex and drummer Ben put on performances that are an explosion of sound and energy loud, tight and powerful. At the front of the stage, singer Justin dominates any venue with his presence, delivering his vocal-lines with precision and strength. In the studio, Dead Monroe work closely with renowned rock producer Terry Thomas, a collaboration that has resulted in demos that sound better than many major-label albums. Dead Monroe are currently gigging in and around London, and preparing for international super-stardom, fast cars and women. www.deadmonroe.com Justin Mallia: jus@deadmonroe.com Alex Nunns: alex@deadmonroe.com
Band/artist history
Formerly the Bookoo Movement.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, playing live is what we do. In and around London, and further afield occasionally. We have supported Alien Ant Farm (London Mean Fiddler), the Wildhearts, the Darkness, 3 Colours Red and more.
Your musical influences
Clash, AC/DC, Humble Pie, Ramones, Rolling Stones
What equipment do you use?
Gibsons, Marshalls, Ampegs, Fenders, Yamaha drums.
Anything else?
Another free MP3 - Plastic England - is available at our main site, www.deadmonroe.com. Leave a message on the guestbook to let us know you've been!
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