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Achim Schultz
Achim Schultz
3 Tracks
Songwriter, Singer, musician and producer
I help young musicians for a good demo, or a good song as demo. In this time I have written my 100th song. Music is my second live. Sometimes I sleep in my record studio I think I'm crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ............................................................................................ Today I want to report you from a great experience. Im sure that you remember on Klaus Voormann. Hes German and lived 1962 with the Beatles in Hamburg. While this time their friedship was grown and grown. Klaus is a remarkebly good bassist, but the problem was the Beatles had Paul before. After they got popular they gave him as a big thank you a job by manfed manns earthband. Beatles Klaus Voormann played finally the bass, for example in Imagine (John Lennon) My Sweet Lord (George Harrison) and Photograph (from Ringo) and many other songs from this guy's. In the 70s was Klaus the most booked bass player in the best americans studios . He moved to Germany and started to produce the best german musicans. And so it happend: For a few weeks Klaus contacted us though my Homepage and told me he had a problem with his car. He came in our store and fortunately we could help him. He had to wait a short moment and meanwhile he sat down and drawed in his self whriten book great picture from our store. For 40 years Klaus had drawn for the Beatles the cover Revolver, now he did it for me! Im very very proud and happy about this. The friendship developed so far that he had picked me up to a live interview in a big radio station ( Bayern 3). The reason for this conversation was Paul Mc Cartney will give a concert in Leipzig (Germany). The last question from the reporter was: How is your relationship nowadays to Paul Mc Cartney? And the answer of Klaus was: Paul is a very trusty good friend of me, the same as Achim Schultz who is sitting right next to me in the studio. In this moment I was the happiest guy on these world, because im sure that Paul will hear this spoken words! Lovley greetings,................Achim http://www.voormann.com http://www.achim-schultz.com ............................................................ In this time I produce a german prof. Band calls The Mercey Beats. We have much fun in my studio. Ringo said it: keep rocking and having fun.
Band/artist history
I lived 30 years in Tuttlingen in the Laendle until 1980. There had I mean first and only volume "The of masters" from 1965 to 1968. The of masters played at that time from Switzerland to Stuttgart and had also appearances with the Rainbows (My baby baby Balla Balla) and other large volume. 1967 won The of masters the new generation competition southwest of German masters in Villingen Schwenningen. I made myself for 1985 in Munich independently, first too secondly, starting from 1999 alone as Kfz spare parts large and retail trade. We supply Kfz workshops in addition, final consumers with Kfz spare parts. To the 10th year old firm celebration 1995 I got of Munich best skirt and scooter: Paul Wuerges and his "all star" into our fixed tent and had then sometime on the stage after admits became which I in former times music made. After 6 not rehearsed Songs it was so far, the tent raved and I began again music to make. There I however by my long work time in my company a reasonable volume on the feet did not get caught I again Songs to write. I can bring in, mix owing to digital technology everything alone at home and for mastern. Recently Bernhard and Mathis (belong with security to of Munich best schlagzeugern) bring, those for me in from me given Drumspuren live. Which makes a large fun for me, sometimes because the whole house trembles. From the sound of guitar I do not respect drauf the anything am always stored, because each Song must get its own again GET down Git.sound. Of ago is the function composes not at the computer like today normally separates on the guitar or piano I finds with some my Songs hears one it clearly. Because as 53 year old differently, one stands also fully dahinter. today if I times in the company live rehearses and Paul Wuerges is not not at all with my neighbour S'runde hits a corner (the musician tavern) plays always says he: "there plays Achim the last Beatle of Munich Sendling." So until soon Achim
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Rare! . I play new songs with musicians in the studio of my own
Your musical influences
The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who, The Eagles, Elvis Presley, Paul Mc Cartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Manfred Mann, Jimmi Hendrix, Bob Dylan. Gretsch, Rickenbacker, and Fender Guitars.
What equipment do you use?
I use Apple Recording Digitech Console Pro Tools Software Neumann Micros and many valve processeor.
Anything else?
My second Life is music music music and music
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