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Spanish Gabber
Spanish Gabber
I'm a spanish boy who love Hardcore Music . Hardcore music have changed my life since 1993, when i started to listen it. Soon,i converted myself in a supporter of hardest and fastest Techno sounds. Im trying to make good and real Hardcore & Gabba tracks. My favourites Hardcore styles are Gabber, Speedcore and Terror. Nowadays,unfortunately Hardcore-Techno music doesnt seem to have a good age, but Hardcore will never die!
Tell me about your history? How did you get where you are now?
After starting and beginning projects as Spanish Gabber during so many years.Now,I change my artist name to G.R.E.G.O.R.(Hardcore Gabber projects) and Xtheon(Terror/Speedcore projects) due to more serious stuff into Hardcore music!
Your musical influences
Mainly Hardcore music from 1993 to Nowadays. I like wide styles of electronic music,too. Delta 9,Rob Gee,,Industrial Strength,Paul Elstak,Ruffneck,Lenny Dee,HCM,Dune,Thunderdome,Nasenbluten,Bloody Fist,Syndicate,Charly lownoise & Mental Theo,4 Tune Fairytales and much more...!
What equipment do you use?
Updated(till 2011) RME Hammerfall 9632, Dynaudio BM5A Nuendo,Sound Forge, FL Studio,Access Virus C and more...
Anything else?
If you like my music,leave me a message,please! If you want more audio quality of streaming/downloading tracks,check it,too My personal website on http://soundcloud.com/spanishgabber My record label on http://www.phrenetikal.com